Kick start 2022 and sign up for the NatWest Accelerator Program

NatWest hopes that 2022 will be a record year for entrepreneurs across the UK.

Growth-minded business owners must apply for a proven Business Accelerator Program and enroll in the NatWest Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program by December 10.

The scheme is currently being implemented in 13 different locations across the country, with 120 locations in Birmingham Hub, 60 locations in Milton Keynes Hub, and 40 locations in the University of Warwick Hub. Also, you don’t have to be a NatWest customer to participate.

James Powell, Regional Enterprise Director at NatWest, said: I love being in the hub, sharing experiences and meeting very smart people. Whether you’re a mentor or an entrepreneur, this is a great place. We are looking for growth-oriented entrepreneurs who are guided and willing to take on challenges to help them grow their business. If this is you, we can help.

“With the right level of support and challenges, we can grow your business in ways never before possible. And it’s never no from us, it’s sometimes still That’s not the case, so put your application in and kick start 2022 with our program. ”

Popcorn entrepreneur Simon Washbrook is supported by the NatWest Accelerator program.

Entrepreneur Simon Washbrook is one of the thousands of businessmen across the UK who have been supported by this program.

Simon was founded based in Midland Popcorn, A CRM and lead management platform specifically designed for small businesses, he says, by participating in the NatWest Initiative, business has been transformed and personally transformed.

He explained: “I started my business as a one-man band and fast forwarded three years later. We have multiple awards and a team of nine people. The biggest advantage of the Accelerator program is the sense of the community and the wider. An entrepreneurial network.

“Conversations with like-minded people helped transform my business, and during one conversation I spent a light bulb moment. This started a brand restructuring and a platform renewal. It led to the idea. Thanks to the program, the team has a concept of success, we have greatly expanded our goals, and a new, specially designed to support small business users. We’re about to release a simple version of the software, all of which came from that water cooler moment, and the scheme is of real value. “

He added: “This program is full of like-minded business owners who are there because they want to grow through good and evil and support each other. Throughout the journey, these relationships are the key to growth and success. And I will continue to engage with these people, be involved in this program, and guide other entrepreneurs who will participate in the future. “

Who can apply?

Four different customized programs are available, allowing entrepreneurs and businesses to sign up for the program that best suits their needs. Current programs also include accelerators for purpose-driven or climate-focused enterprises, or enterprises with high-growth plans, and FinTech.

Its purpose-driven accelerators are aimed at entrepreneurs who are redefining what it means to be a business and supporting a more inclusive and sustainable economy. Similarly, Climate Accelerator is for companies looking to tackle the challenges facing climate change and focusing on sustainable solutions.

High Growth Accelerator opens the door to ambitious high-growth businesses that seek to grow and expand. Fintech Accelerator, on the other hand, is designed to enable the future of the financial technology business through access to professionals in the professional sector.

How to apply

We are currently accepting applications for programs that will allow all companies to expand to the next level, and applications must be received by December 10. On the start date of January, a total of 220 locations will be available across the hubs of Birmingham, Milton Keynes and the University of Warwick. .. The program will begin in the week starting January 10, 2022.

Each program is fully funded and participants do not have to relinquish their business capital to first join NatWest or join a bank.

Each program provides four pillars of support: Intensive support with access to expertise from all entrepreneurs’ disciplines, including mentors, partners and experienced entrepreneurs. One-on-one coaching with NatWest’s experienced acceleration manager. Thinking leadership and event program. Access to a network of like-minded peers supported by the bank’s ecosystem manager. Free access to NatWest’s latest coworking offices in Birmingham, University of Warwick and Milton Keynes (subject to COVID rules).

For more information, please visit:

Kick start 2022 and sign up for the NatWest Accelerator Program

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