Kim Kardashian “stopped BBL replenishment” for a surprising reason and removed the famous ass.

Kim Kardashian gets rid of her famous ass because she looks slim and wants to insist on a friend who is near the star.

Reality stars recently sparked rumors that she had “removed the filler,” but insiders revealed that she simply stopped getting her. Brazilian Bum Lift I replenished it.


One source revealed that Kim stopped top-up after his new boyfriend Pete.Credits: Getty-Contributors
Insider suggested she had "Fat moves to the buttocks" Regularly


Insiders suggested she was doing “fat transfer to the buttocks” on a regular basisCredit: Rex

“Kim didn’t have an implant-it was the transfer of fat to her butt,” sources say. “She had it replenished frequently throughout her marriage Kanye [West] But now she goes beyond that look.

“As she lost weight, she stopped getting transfers and naturally lost weight.

“Kanier liked how it looked, [new boyfriend] Pete [Davidson] She just wants to be happy and loves her no matter what she looks like.

“She has experienced a major life change in divorce and wants a new look to go with her new life.”

Kim poses in a see-through dress for the new NSFW photo without underwear or bra
Kim's daughter North poses on a $ 3,000 coat after

Kim, 41, Always have Refused to have surgery on her butt -And in 2011, in the Kardashian family’s turmoil, she scanned the backside and “proved” that there were no implants.

BBL is a surgical procedure that removes fat from another area of ​​the body (waist or stomach) and injects it into the area of ​​the buttocks.

fan First noticed Kim’s shrinking ass last August After the stars posed in tight leggings for Instagram snaps-and since then it’s been getting smaller.

Kim recently revealed that he lost 16 pounds in three weeks to match Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress at the Met Gala in May.

She told Vogue on the red carpet: [the dress] And that didn’t suit me. I said, “Please give me three weeks.”

“Today I had to lose £ 16. It was a big challenge. It’s like [movie] role.I decided to fit [into] that. I haven’t taken carbs or sugar for about 3 weeks. “

Kim’s representative is asked to comment.

It will come later Kim was found posing without underwear For a sexy new photo shoot after jumping out on a holiday.

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Keeping Up with the Kardashian family shows off her new slim figure in skimpy clothes after losing weight.

The star took her Instagram profile On Thursday, I posted a series of photos in a long-sleeved, black turtleneck dress that fits tightly on the skin, with notched details along the left hip.

Kim recently lost 16 pounds to fit Marilyn Monroe's dress


Kim recently lost 16 pounds to fit Marilyn Monroe’s dressCredit: Getty

Kim Kardashian “stopped BBL replenishment” for a surprising reason and removed the famous ass.

Source link Kim Kardashian “stopped BBL replenishment” for a surprising reason and removed the famous ass.

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