Kingston Uni Townhouse Building Wins Stirling Prize

The Kingston University Townhouse building won the 2021 Stirling Prize, one of the most prestigious praises in architecture.

At the awards ceremony tonight (October 14th) presented by the BBC Nagamanchetti, the Grafton Architects team behind the building celebrated the announcement of the winners at the Kingston Townhouse Building itself. The watch party that took place erupted in the news.

“We are delighted and very proud to say that our wonderful #TownHouseKingston building won this year’s @RIBA #StirlingPrize. Our students, staff and wider community are the best in the UK. I’ve learned, worked, and enjoyed being part of the new building at Kingston University. ”The tweet posted by Kingston University’s Twitter account was read shortly after the announcement.

Sir Foster, Chairman of the Jury for the 2021 Liver Stirling Prize, said: This highly original architectural piece, which deserves international acclaim and attention, offers quiet reading, loud performances, and a fun coexistence of research and learning. It’s not a meaningless feat. Education must be our future, and this must be our future. education. ”

The building is surrounded by rows of high columns and aims to blur the boundaries with the outer pavement to invite everyone, including students, locals and visitors.

Internally, it is open and spacious, with a public forum at the entrance leading to the amphitheater.

In addition, social spaces and learning spaces coexist throughout the building, including libraries, archives, dance studios, and theaters.

Connor Wilson has described the Stirling Prize as the “gold standard” for British architecture, prior to the highly acclaimed announcement of townhouse buildings since its opening in 2020.

“This is a great admiration for Kingston University and acknowledges the quality of the facilities created here. A university that aims to provide students with the best learning environment and create a unique building that they truly engage in. A beautiful road with the field of the university. ”

Grafton Architects’ Yvonne Farrel describes the project as a “major advance in education” where the “extreme” of college experience in the tranquility of the library environment and the “noisy” elements of college social life overlap. bottom.

Kingston Uni Townhouse Building Wins Stirling Prize

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