Klarna Places New Technology Hub in Madrid

Buy now and pay later, the giant Klarna plans to open a new technology hub in Madrid that employs 500 newly hired engineering staff.

Klarna has more than 4,000 employees worldwide, 1,500 of whom are dedicated to engineering. The company already has technology hubs in Stockholm, Milan and Berlin.

The new office was opened in Madrid a year after Clarna entered the Spanish market. In the Spanish market, we are currently partnering with over 160 global and Spanish brands in the country.

Sebastian Siemiatkowski, CEO of Klarna, commented: “We need the best engineers to provide our customers with a seamless product experience. That’s why we’re in Madrid, one of Europe’s emerging technology centers. We work with technology hubs in Stockholm, Berlin and Milan. It creates the driving force for the technology expertise that supports Klarna’s growth. “

He said the focus for the coming months will be on hiring in product development roles, including engineers, product managers, designers, data science and analytics professionals, turning the current office into a global product development center. I am.

Klarna Places New Technology Hub in Madrid

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