L3 Engineering Apprentice Opportunity by TfL-London #CreateYourFuture

TfL offers a variety of apprenticeship opportunities, including transportation planning, highway and transportation, technology and data roles, and engineering roles within the London Underground.

To apply for the TfL Apprenticeship role, you must have at least 5 GCSE Grades A * – C or Grade 4 or above, including Mathematics and English (or equivalent), 18 years prior to the start date of the program. Must be. (Check your job description for specific schemes)

All roles of TfL are based in London and offer salaries up to £ 19,815 per year.

Transport for London (TfL) engineers are always looking forward to providing transportation infrastructure solutions to meet your requirements and requirements and ensure that you are ready for the 21st century and beyond.

Highway and Transportation Apprenticeship is an exciting three-year development program for those who want to be involved in the design of transportation infrastructure and the management and assurance of design elements of the road network. London’s road network is by far the heaviest of all modes. Not only people, but also important services including goods, materials and emergency services.

Highway and transportation engineers focus on developing and implementing engineering solutions, support diverse road users and different modes of travel, stay on the move, build transportation networks, infrastructure infrastructure Secure the assets that form the.

We are also looking to the future in the areas of self-driving cars and other related technologies. This could mean designing the interaction of these vehicles with the road environment, signaling equipment and road users. We have a big role to play in ensuring that this interface works efficiently. You can act as a highway and transportation technician in supporting this task.

As a highway and traffic engineering apprentice, we work with our team to improve active travel, transformative highway schemes such as Elephant and Castle Guillery Removal and Silvertown Tunnels, bus priority schemes, etc. We support the design of transportation infrastructure. We will improve the junction so that our customers can access it safely. The London Mayor’s Transport Strategy guides us on what measures we design and implement on London roads.

This program will give you valuable skills and extensive industry experience by taking the first steps towards the future of engineering career paths and roads in London.

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L3 Engineering Apprentice Opportunity by TfL-London #CreateYourFuture

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