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Labor claims that Boris Johnson’s flat refurbishment was able to pay up to 85,500 free school lunches

According to figures obtained by the Labor Party, the cash that Prime Minister Boris Johnson spent on renovating an apartment in Downing Street could have been paid for up to 85,500 free meals.

According to a survey by the House of Commons Library commissioned by workers, the £ 30,000 taxpayer money used for the No. 11 refurbishment would have provided children in low-income households with up to 12,800 school meals. ..

During the decoration last fall, the prime minister was involved in a line over refusing to be behind. Free school lunch for children From a poor family during school vacation.

After weeks of refusing to give in to a phone call to offer free meals to British children during the Christmas holidays, Johnson finally gave in following a Manchester United soccer player campaign. Marcus Rashford..

This was the second such U-turn by the government after overturning the decision not to serve meals during last summer’s break.

The number of meals that children could have purchased at the prime minister’s flat rate is based on reports that the prime minister spent up to £ 200,000 on refurbishment.

Johnson continued to insist that he paid for the refurbishment himself during the Prime Minister’s question in Congress, but did he pay the “first” bill for the work from Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer? Refused to answer ongoing questions about whether he paid. Paid by a Conservative, loan, or Tory donor.

Labor Party Minister Shadow, Congressman Fleur Anderson, said: Free school lunch for vulnerable children..

“The Conservatives are not in contact with the priorities of the British people, which is further exacerbated by the fact that the government seems to be hiding where those funds actually came from.

“Nine months after seeing the minister’s registration of economic interests, they are absolutely concerned about the cost and origin of the prime minister’s luxury refurbishment and the development of a threes scandal that consumes the conservative government. It’s important. Make the register public and clarify who paid for the refurbishment in the first place. “

The Election Commission has also begun an investigation How was the Downing Street Flat payment made after revealing that “there is a reasonable reason to suspect that one or more crimes may have occurred”.

After moving to the apartment above number 11, Johnson’s partner Carrie Symonds said Tatler The couple’s home, inherited from Tory’s former Prime Minister Theresa May, was a “John Lewis furniture nightmare.”

The makeover by Mr Johnson and Ms Symmonds is said to have been inspired by luxury interior designer Lulu Lytle, with 840 pounds of wallpaper, 9,800 pounds of baby bear sofa, 3,000 pounds of lily drum table, stripping and corridor polish.

We asked Downing Street for comment.

Labor claims that Boris Johnson’s flat refurbishment was able to pay up to 85,500 free school lunches

Source link Labor claims that Boris Johnson’s flat refurbishment was able to pay up to 85,500 free school lunches

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