‘Labour’s worst nightmare’: George Galloway has 59 general election candidates ‘ready to go’

George Galloway said Labor leader Keir Starmer had “waked up from his worst nightmare” after winning the Rochdale by-election.

“We won Labor by a landslide of 10,000 votes,” the veteran political activist declared in a speech to supporters at his campaign headquarters in Rochdale, a used car shop on the outskirts of town.

“This is the first time in British political history that a by-election has been held and both of the country’s major political parties have been completely defeated,” he said.

He added that his victory was not only the start of a “Rochdale revival” but also the start of a new movement to change British politics.

Mr Galloway later told reporters he would field 59 UK Labor candidates in the general election and appealed to independent voters in the North West, West Midlands, Birmingham and east London to join his campaign. He encouraged them to stand up and fight.

Questioner GB News If his party can replicate its success in Rochdale in other seats, Mr Galloway said: I don’t know what will happen in other parts of the country, but I am currently hosting delegates from Bolton, Oldham, Blackburn, Bury and Tameside, Greater Manchester. And that’s the only delegate I received.

“We have 59 parliamentary candidates and we will either stand in the three Labor seats and defeat them ourselves or we will defeat them. There will be some members, but we are ready to support whoever is running.”I know that many people who are already on the ground across the country will be heartened by the results here tonight.” Masu.

“I think Keir Starmer woke up this morning from his worst nightmare.”

Mr Galloway suggested this morning that Reform UK leader Richard Tice had sought to field him as the party’s candidate in the recent by-election.

Mr Tice claimed the Rochdale by-election was “neither free nor fair” after his candidate, former Labor MP Simon Danczuk, came sixth.

“What we have witnessed here is deeply disturbing. Our candidates and campaign teams have been subjected to death threats, vile racist abuse,” he told reporters. They were refused entry to the hustings inside City Hall and had to be relocated for safety.

“We should be pioneers of democracy, but this shameful contest is more characteristic of a failed state.”

In response to the accusations, Mr Galloway said: “I think Mr. Theis is rather unbalanced. [Nigel] So did Mr Farage, and I reminded Mr Tice that there was a text message on my phone inviting me to be the Reform UK candidate in the by-election a while back.

“I don’t want to make it public, but if he keeps lying about me, I have to tell the truth about him.”

Asked whether his supporters had committed any wrongdoing, Mr Galloway said: “Absolutely not. Ask the police, if any of our supporters have been arrested or spoken to by the police. please listen.”

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https://www.politics.co.uk/news/2024/03/01/labours-worst-nightmare-galloway-has-59-general-election-candidates-ready-to-go-after-rochdale-victory/ ‘Labour’s worst nightmare’: George Galloway has 59 general election candidates ‘ready to go’

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