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Lad earns £ 160 a day as a professional cuer in line for others

An English man revealed that he earns a whopping £ 20 while waiting in line for people – and rakes up to £ 160 a day.

Freddie Beckit (31 years old) Queuing Thanks to his many years of experience as a citizen of London, he has never been at the forefront of art.

A professional waiter who takes pride in his patience has been working as a queuing for three years.

He makes unusual gigs around his career as a historical novelist.

Freddie, who lives in Fulham, London, claims that most of his queuing work is for popular and popular events such as performances at Apollo and special exhibitions at museums.

And his clients don’t worry about spending cash.

He queues whatever you need for him

He said Sun : “I worked eight hours in the queuing work for the V & A Christian Dior exhibition for the very wealthy people of the mid-1960s.

“The actual queuing was only 3 hours, but I was told to collect tickets and wait for them to arrive, so I was looking closely at the V & A Museum, which pays £ 20 per hour. It was great. ! “

Freddie’s clients range from young families who have stepped out to OAP. And he spent the winter nights in a freezing line.

But summer is his busiest season, as more events are planned.

Young people advertise on Taskrabbit, as well as pet sitting, packing, errands and gardening.

Freddie lists his skills in Taskrabbit
Freddie lists his skills in Taskrabbit

He commented: “Honestly, I did it by stretching here and there, everywhere. With Taskrabbit, you can list a variety of weird tasks, and the client simply chooses from the listed roles.

“They listed a lot of random low-skilled jobs, and I saw that I thought it was the easiest job in the world!

“Unfortunately, I don’t think you can charge more than £ 20 an hour. No skills or hard work is required.”

But the job gives him flexibility – and gives his family a giggle.

Freddie wants to queue full time, but sadly they usually last only a few hours at most.

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And Freddie has a lot of 5 star reviews on his profile.

One customer said: “Freddie was very quick and organized everything without any problems.

“I asked him to collect the keys and wait for the carpet fitter, and it all went very smoothly. He was also very flexible when we made the last minute time change. I highly recommend Freddie! “

Do you work as a professional cuer? Let us know in the comments …

Lad earns £ 160 a day as a professional cuer in line for others

Source link Lad earns £ 160 a day as a professional cuer in line for others

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