Ladorian has partnered with inReality for intelligent and personalized data-driven content at POS for US Market – PCR.

Radrian Is affiliated with inReality, a venue analysis software platform.

Ladorian uses connected data points and data intelligence to create smart communication channels with POS users and deliver personalized messages that provide the best products to meet their needs. The generated message integrates (and reacts) with external factors such as weather, demographics, and events with internal factors such as inventory, sales, mobile ERP, profiles, and shopper patterns, and within viewers, locations, and stores. It provides the ideal message in the moment. ‘. The impact of Marquis’ global brand, already proven in six countries, has increased average + 30% sales of featured products.

InReality, a venue analytics software platform, powers smart store solutions with streamlined and reliable behavioral data built to scale. Use camera vision to leverage traffic, housing, impressions, engagement, age, gender, and mood at specific points of interest. The AI ​​algorithm then associates the data with one simple platform for reporting, exporting, predicting, or enabling dynamic content. This is ideal for Ladorian’s responsive and optimized messaging capabilities.

“Retailers haven’t yet been able to deliver the same real-time targeted content that virtually became on online platforms. POS can reinvent shopper data to provide stores with the same intelligent digital communications. Helping customers close the gap by doing so. Radrian USA. “In fact, store sales still make up the majority of retail sales, and shoppers are at a consistent level across all channels. We want to be relevant and personalized. We want to enable this and help our customers achieve conversion rates similar to what ecomm has become dependent on as a result of data-driven messaging. To do.”

Ron Levac, CEO of inReality, said: “This strategic partnership is perfect for our data analytics platform. We are always bullish on bringing the types of data enablement used online to physical locations and on a large scale from store sensors. We’ve spent years trying to simplify the cost and complexity of collecting data in. Potential opportunities have always been dynamic and personalized, rather than being analyzed ex post facto with a manual optimization strategy. It was to be used for content. Ladorian is pleased to be a partner as it truly realizes the potential of online personalized messaging in stores, and with some of the world’s most prominent marketers. Together, we have already proved it on the global stage. “

Ladorian iDS CMS SMART DATA has the ability to integrate all in-store communication channels from one platform, including monitors, shelf screens, kiosks, cameras, music, digital price tags, apps, and even store CRM. In addition to guaranteeing message customization at each touchpoint, it turns your screen into a smart digital sales assistant and, when combined with inReality, provides the ability to trigger sensory cues such as light and voice. This not only facilitates operational monitoring of all digital apertures in the store, but also provides a complete picture of the integrated impact and higher results. We will also create the ability to generate measurement patterns that establish a PRIME TIME algorithm for each product, allowing customers to maximize the value of store media when used as a source of advertising revenue from brand partners. Advertisers also have access to anonymized reports on audiences, visitor attributes, validated traffic and behavioral responses. Data is easily exported via APIs for programs and internal BI platforms.

“In Reality wants to report the data, but Ladorian makes it work,” said Alejandro Gutiérrez-Bolívar, CEO and founder of Ladorian. “Ladorian was born to reinvent the use of data in point-of-sale, a company that shares our vision that leadership in a new era of retailing requires intelligent digital communications within the facility. Became a technical ally.

It is now clear that the world is neither 100% online nor 100% offline than ever before. We want to help our customers achieve the same success that the use of data has brought to e-commerce. Taking advantage of the fact that most of the sales volume is produced in physical stores and revolutionizes communication in physical space, by taking advantage of the technological revolution of physical space communication, it is a new and rewarding personalization for shoppers. We would like to provide you with a successful experience. .. “

“Ultimately, we offer a unique solution to one of our long-standing retail aspirations of the right message, the right person, the right place, the right moment. After COVID, retail. Merchants need to do more with less resources, and shoppers come to stores with more digital expectations than ever before, so it’s better to bring smart and responsive content promises to physical stores. There is no time. “

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Ladorian has partnered with inReality for intelligent and personalized data-driven content at POS for US Market – PCR.

Source link Ladorian has partnered with inReality for intelligent and personalized data-driven content at POS for US Market – PCR.

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