Largest ruby ​​ever to be auctioned under Sotheby’s hammer for an estimated $30 million

The largest ruby ​​ever sold at auction will go on sale at Sotheby’s in New York this summer, with the auction house describing the gem as an “extraordinary treasure.”

This ruby ​​was named Estrela de Fura (flaster) in Portuguese.

It was discovered in July 2022 at a mine operated by Fura, a mining company based in Dubai, Mozambique.

A 55.22 carat gem is Unusual not only for its size and purity, but also for its locationUntil the discovery of Estrella de Fra, it was thought that only Burma had a ruby ​​of such color and clarity.

Some analysts say a “once-in-a-century” discovery rocks the gem industry.

Sotheby’s put forward an estimate of over $30 million. If achieved, it could be the most valuable ruby ​​ever sold at auction.

Largest ruby ​​ever to be auctioned under Sotheby’s hammer for an estimated  million

Estrella de Fra will go on sale at Sotheby’s in New York in June with an estimated price of $30 million.

Ruby is depicted as a 101 carat rough, before it is polished

Sotheby’s says that even in 101-carat raw rough, rubies were “considered by experts as extraordinary natural treasures.”

Known as “pigeon blood,” its fluorescence, outstanding clarity, and bright red hue are celebrated as the color traditionally associated only with Burmese rubies.

Quig Bruning, Head of Sotheby’s Jewelery America, said the discovery changed the perception of African gems, putting them on par with Burmese gems.

“Rubies are arguably in a position to become the standard bearer for African rubies, and gemstones in general, on par with Burmese, which has traditionally been the most desirable and recognizable source, and even It’s bringing global recognition to its ability to surpass Ruby,” he said.

The Gubelin Gemological Institute, one of the two laboratories that graded the gem, said the ruby’s size and quality were “almost unimaginable.”

“To see a natural ruby ​​of this size was considered an almost unimaginable combination of quality characteristics that escaped processing.

“The 55.22 carat natural ruby ​​sets a new record not only for Mozambican rubies, but for rubies in general.”

Experts say rubies found in Mozambique are changing perceptions of African stone quality.

The Swiss Gemmological Institute (SSEF), another gem laboratory also based in New York, wrote that the gem exhibits a “brilliant red hue due to multiple internal reflections.”

They said, “Natural rubies from Mozambique of this size and quality are extremely rare and can therefore be considered a special treasure of nature.”

The current world record for rubies sold at auction is held by Sunrise Ruby, a 25.59 carat Burmese stone that was auctioned at Sotheby’s Geneva in May 2015 for $30.3 million.

This price also established a new ruby ​​per carat record at the time ($1,185,451 per carat).

The ruby ​​was found in an area of ​​Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado province that has seen attacks by Islamic extremists inspired by ISIS.

The town of Montepuez was attacked in October and hundreds of people fled their homes. Human Rights Watch.

Two mines operating in the area (not operated by Fura) were forced to cease operations during the attack. Largest ruby ​​ever to be auctioned under Sotheby’s hammer for an estimated $30 million

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