Latest: UK Announces Effective Vaccine for Indian Subspecies IOC AstraZeneca Islamabad Sind

London-British health officials Sunday, official investigation into restrictions on coronavirus remaining in the UK Pfizer And AstraZeneca Vaccines provide effective protection against the first mutants identified in India

British officials have said in recent weeks Indian people Variants can jeopardize Britain’s previously successful economic resumption plans. Numbers indicate that more than 2,880 Indian variants have been recorded in the United Kingdom.

The government has stated that the variant appears to be more contagious, but there was still uncertainty about how concerned this was.

Jenny Harries, CEO of the UK Health and Security Agency, said UK officials will move to the final stage of unlocking the country from June 21, if the public remains cautious. Said.


Details of virus outbreak:

— Poor, rich: In sick India, everything is done by ourselves

— IOC VP repels the Olympics, regardless of virus

— Pandemic has spurred a surge in eating disorders in US teens and adults

— As the vaccine defeats the virus, the value of the COVID test diminishes

— —


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What else is happening:

From Paris-France’s Foreign Minister visits Britain when tourism resumes this summer to prevent the spread of the viral variant of concern that was first detected in India and is causing concern in Britain It states that it may introduce stricter coronavirus restrictions on people.

Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian says between the strictest measures France imposes on visitors from India and 15 other countries and the more relaxed requirements prepared for them. Somewhere, he suggested that Britain could be placed in its own health category. From elsewhere.

Le Drian said on Sunday that “a little stronger health measures” could be applied to British tourists.


Islamabad-Pakistan’s federal authorities reported on Sunday a reduction in deaths and new cases from COVID-19 and decided to reopen the tourist destination on Monday.

Earlier decisions from federal agencies, schools and higher education institutions have chosen to open the school by Monday and close it for another two weeks, with the exception of southern Sindh.

Federal officials reported 74 deaths from COVID-19 and more than 3000 new cases of the virus in one day.

National agencies that combat the spread of the virus have urged people to continue to adhere to the precautionary measures of wearing masks and maintaining physical distance while traveling in public places and public transport. They also emphasized that people should be vaccinated.


Brazil, Brasilia-Brazil’s health minister said the government was concerned about the first coronavirus variant identified in India after the first case was confirmed in a South American country.

However, Marcelo Keiloga denied that there was a community infection of the first confirmed subspecies in Brazil in northeastern Maranhão, where 100 people have been monitored. The incident was also confirmed in Ceara on Saturday.

According to Queiroga, 600,000 rapid tests have been sent to Maranhão to monitor the potential spread of the mutant, and health barriers have been introduced to contain the movement at Maranhão airports, highways and roads. He said. All passengers crossing northeastern state airports or borders must undergo a quick inspection.

Brazil suspended flights from India last week at the recommendation of the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency.


Window Rock, Arizona-Navajo Nation reported 12 newly confirmed COVID-19 cases and 2 more deaths.

Tribal health officials released the latest figures on Saturday night in a vast settlement covering parts of Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, the total number of cases since the pandemic began more than a year ago. Said that it pushed up to 30,767.

The known death toll is currently 1,299.

On Saturday, there were two new cases of coronavirus on appointment, but no reported deaths.

Navajo Nation President Jonathan Nez said more than half of the booked adult population has been vaccinated.


Boston — State officials said the number of people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 in Massachusetts is approaching 50%.

The Massachusetts Public Health Service said late Saturday that more than 3.4 million people in the state were fully vaccinated. Massachusetts has about 7 million inhabitants.

The· New England The state has increased the pace of the country by immunizing its population against the virus that killed more than 580,000 Americans.

Massachusetts has the second highest percentage of fully vaccinated residents in the United States after Connecticut, and Maine is third, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Latest: UK Announces Effective Vaccine for Indian Subspecies IOC AstraZeneca Islamabad Sind

Source link Latest: UK Announces Effective Vaccine for Indian Subspecies IOC AstraZeneca Islamabad Sind

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