Lauren Silverman teases her secretly marrying fiancee Simon Cowell

Simon Cowell Proposed to his long-term social girlfriend Lauren Silverman For sunny Barbados Christmas Eve.

The 62-year-old music mogul first appeared in a rare public place (44) since he announced his engagement with Lauren.

They were painted on Tuesday night, and when asked about when the wedding was, Lauren’s answer hinted that they might have already had a wedding.

She made fun of the couple, “maybe they are already married.”

Lauren does not want the wedding to be a celebrity catastrophe, and it is reported that the secret wedding idea is not so surprising to fans.

Lauren Silverman teased the couple “maybe already married”

Still, despite the quiet wedding proposal, the couple did not wear a wedding ring, According to MailOnline..

Lauren wore her glittering engagement ring. It was said to have cost a whopping £ 250,000.

Meanwhile, Simon’s ring finger was naked, as he was depicted holding hands with his beauty while eating with a friend in Oswald, London.

It is rumored that their actual wedding will be only a few weeks ahead in June.

Lovers share their son Eric together
Lauren’s engagement ring is reported to cost a whopping £ 250,000

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One source MailOnline The Simon and Lauren will be scattered for a gorgeous wedding at the Cribdon House in Berkshire.

Despite the long ledger of the couple’s famous companions, it will be a “small and intimate” case.

David Williams, co-host of Simon’s Britain’s Got Talent, revealed that he hadn’t been invited yet on Thursday.

David went to one show on Thursday and shot down rumors that he would be Simon’s best man.

David Warriors said he wasn't sure if he would be invited to the intimate wedding of his co-host
David Warriors said he wasn’t sure if he would be invited to the intimate wedding of his co-host

He replied: “No. I don’t know if that’s really true.

“Basically, I turned 62 without getting married, so I don’t know if I’ll get married in a hurry, but I think it would be great if invited.

“I hope so, but he may keep it very small.”

Reportedly the setting for the infamous Prohumo Scandal in the 1960s, the venue is set on 376 acres of stunning National Trust land just nine miles from Windsor Castle.

The luxurious 5-star Relais & Châteaux Hotel & Spa is also an ideal wedding spot.

Simon's fiancé Lauren Silverman said,
Simon’s fiancé Lauren Silverman said, “It’s set for a wedding, not a celebrity case.”

Simon finally came off the wrist stanchions in time for the wedding, which he had to wear over the past few weeks After a bicycle accident..

The presenter of Britain’s Got Talent had just returned to the saddle after a horrific accident in Malibu in August 2020. There, he accidentally rotated his electric bike and then broke his back.

Reportedly, Simon crashed his bike again near his West London home, fortunately it wasn’t as serious as in the first case, but he suffered a broken arm.

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Lauren Silverman teases her secretly marrying fiancee Simon Cowell

Source link Lauren Silverman teases her secretly marrying fiancee Simon Cowell

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