Law firm sales take a blockade knock because the agile performance of the workforce was praised

Wilkin Chapman, a major law firm in the region, was hit by a coronavirus pandemic that reduced revenues by nearly 10%.

Sales at the company headquartered in Grimsby fell from £ 27.4m to £ 24.7m over the year to March 31st.

Due to the reorganization of the company in the early stages of the pandemic, the number of staff decreased from 411 to 343 during this period (excluding 46 partners).

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After a review at the beginning of the decade, the process was modernized and “future-guaranteed”, resulting in the loss of one-third of non-commissioned employees. This is a broader strategic move that head-on collisions with forced economic blockades at the beginning of the accounting period.

Operating profit was £ 9.2 million, an increase of 8% from £ 8.5 million in 2020.

The proceeds were supported by a government grant of £ 923,427 withdrawn through the layoff system.

New Chief Executive Officer Robin SimmonsParticipating from Baker McKenzie, a global law firm, said:

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“Wilkin Chapman has endeavored to reduce internal costs while providing outstanding service to its clients.

“One of the challenges Pandemic put on the company was that colleagues needed to work more flexibly. Our operations team has a five-day delivery time and most employees can work from home. I did a great job of doing this. This flexibility has made my staff more productive and has contributed significantly to this year’s profitability. “

The results were described as consolidating the company’s position as one of the most profitable law firms, as well as being the largest law firm in the Hamburg and Lincolnshire regions.

Senior partner Andrew Holt said the performance was a testament to the continued efforts of the workers.

Andrew Holt, Senior Partner, Wilkin Chapman.
Andrew Holt, Senior Partner, Wilkin Chapman.

He states: “This increased profitability allows companies to reinvest in their businesses. Recently announced. Raus’s new facility In addition to this, we have approved important projects to improve technology and innovation. This demonstrates our commitment to purchase laptops for our employees to support flexible work and improve our systems to enhance client service. .. “

Holt added that being ranked 111th in the UK’s top 200 law firms is “evidence that we can remain strong in an environment where there is a lot of movement at the domestic sector level.” I did.

Wilkin Chapman also has offices in Beverley, Lincoln, Louth and Horncastle, and the bankruptcy practice of Silke & Co was brought in-house as Wilkin Chapman Business Solutions, formerly run by Doncaster.

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Law firm sales take a blockade knock because the agile performance of the workforce was praised

Source link Law firm sales take a blockade knock because the agile performance of the workforce was praised

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