League Cup, Scottish Cup, and now Jason Carr focus on killing Europa League giants

He led the club to the glory of the League Cup and Scottish Cup.

Jason Kerr, a St. Johnstone skipper, is now plotting to kill a Europa League giant.

The Perth Club has the opportunity to make even better memories in the third round of the two-legged qualifying against Galatasaray.

The first leg takes place Thursday night in Istanbul, and the saints dare to dream again.

“Leading the boys in the Scottish Cup final has been the pinnacle of my career so far,” Kerr said.

“But the match against Galatasaray is just around the corner, and if the results come out, it could be more than everything.

“I feel that the next step is to work in Europe and I feel I can get results.”

Kerr thinks it doesn’t even make sense to fly if he doesn’t win. The saints are convinced that they can cause problems.

“If we don’t believe we can go there and cause problems, we can stay home,” Kerr said.

“We have a topside here and I think we can really collect something to give them a good test.

“It would be great if we could keep it alive and bring a large audience back to Perth for the second leg.

“But it’s important this week. It’s a difficult place to go and it’s going to be very difficult to get results.

“We feel this team can do that.”

Galatasaray was knocked out of the competition by the Rangers last season.

Kerr said: “The Rangers are on the top side, showing that they won the title last season without losing a match in the league.

“Galatasaray is clearly the top side, but if the Rangers can beat them, why can’t we?

“Last season I gave the Rangers a lot of problems. I got out of the Scottish Cup in the quarterfinals and won.

“So if the Rangers can cause problems with Galatasaray, we are confident that they can also cause problems.”

He continued. “There is no illusion that they are a really good team and a really tough test for us.

“I’m Galatasaray, one of Europe’s top teams. I respect them as much as I can, but we’re also topside and showed last season, so I’m really going to challenge.”

Car, of interest from the south of the border, reiterated how exciting this was for St. Johnstone.

He states: “My head is completely focused on this season and St. Johnstone, and it has always been the case when I was interested.

“This month was a busy time, but this month we will be even busier with the start of leagues, European games and the Premier Sports Cup.

“So I’m not thinking about that. It’s a really exciting time to get involved with St. Johnstone, so my focus is everything.

“I was interested in a lot of players, but it’s just showing the results of last season and it’s a compliment.”

The 24-year-old St. Johnstone trip is special and has already risen to the club’s legend.

He missed Saints’ last voyage to Europe and a trip to Lithuania to play FK Riteriai in 2017.

However, he concluded that: “Four years later, playing against one of the best teams in Europe is a dream come true.”

League Cup, Scottish Cup, and now Jason Carr focus on killing Europa League giants

Source link League Cup, Scottish Cup, and now Jason Carr focus on killing Europa League giants

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