Leaving On A Jet Plane

Using a private jet charter company is the best way to get the best possible experience when you need to fly from one place to another. To some people, the idea might seem like a luxury rather than a necessity, but the points that we’ve laid out below are sure to change your mind. Read on and let us win you over because using a  private jet charter company really is the only way to fly!


When you fly on a commercial airline, privacy is in short supply. Even if you book the first-class option, you’ll still be in a cabin with other passengers. Let us say that you are travelling for business, and while you’re on the flight, you need to conduct business (should the plane have wifi), and you need to do so in private. If you’re in a first-class cabin on a commercial flight, you’ll run the risk of being overheard by other passengers. If you or your company have chartered a private plane, the only people on the plane with you will be either your colleagues or the flight crew! Flying in a private aircraft offers you so much more privacy than a commercial flight does.

Let’s take a look at another example. Let us say that you are travelling for pleasure and have your family with you. Should a member of your family have special needs, travelling by private plane may offer them a greater sense of calm than the chaos of a public airport and a commercial flight would. If you are travelling with your family and wish to chat and relax on the flight, privacy is a much better option. On a commercial flight, you may have to walk the length of a cabin to speak to each other, and there will always be other passengers around. On a private flight, you’ll be the only ones in the cabin, and you can chat and interact in the way that you usually would to your heart’s content.


The convenience of using a private jet charter is one of the most appealing reasons to make the switch. When you fly commercial, you have to choose from the flights on offer, even if none of them completely suit your needs or plans. You set the schedule yourself when you book flights with a private jet charter company. You can arrive wherever you need to at whatever time you need to get there. The convenience of a private airport or terminal also far outweighs the inconvenience of going to a commercial one. Think of the queues, the baggage payments, the random searches and the hours spent finding parking that you will avoid! Private airports or terminals operate much faster and more smoothly as they have far fewer flights and passengers to process.


Imagine the comfort of your living room but at 35,000 feet! You may not have all of your own toys, blankets or devices, but flying in a private plane outstrips flying in a commercial one by miles in terms of comfort. Depending on the plane’s layout and capacity on a private plane, one will usually have a seat modelled more on an armchair than the traditional aeroplane seat. There might even be a couch to relax on once the plane has reached cruising altitude and a space for the kids to play and roll around on the floor if they want to.

If you’re flying commercial, even in a first-class cabin, you only have your seat and “cubicle” space to move around in, unless your flight has a bar area. The comfort of being in your own space is worth making the switch from commercial to private. If you have a headache or feel ill, the flight staff will have something on board to help you out. If you are cold or want to take a nap, a blanket and pillow will be provided for you.

Another way that private jets are much more comfortable than commercial flights is when it comes to food. On a commercial flight, the menu is what it is, and you can only choose from the options available. The airline will likely offer you a much more comprehensive selection of meal options on a private flight. They will take personal preferences and allergies or dietary requirements into account when preparing the food.


Wrap Up

It’s abundantly clear from these three reasons alone why it is a much better idea to book a private jet charter than a commercial flight. The level of comfort, the level of convenience and the level of privacy are so radically different that there’s really only one solution! Next time you fly, will you be booking a private jet?


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