Ledley King issues Antonio Conte’s Challenge to unlock the struggling Dele Alli’s “gift”

Dele Alli has been having a hard time with Tottenham this season and finds it difficult to get the Premier League minutes after playing against Arsenal in September.

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Antonio Conte says he’s not scared

former Tottenham Icon Ledley King has issued a challenge to a new boss Antonio Conte -Unleash your hard-working talent Dele Alli..

Dere started the season as a starting member of Nuno Espírito Santo, but was withdrawn in half-time due to a humiliating defeat. Arsenal And I found it difficult to regain his shape.

Hello, Premier League Since then, there have been three starts in the Europa Conference League.

But the competition has so far been a disaster for the Spurs, and Dere Embarrassing defeat for both Bitesse Arnhem and NS Mura..

These defeats put Conte at serious risk of leaving the conference league before the knockout stage, and the Spurs now need to beat Rennes to secure progress.

Please give us your opinion! Can Antonio Conte save Dele Alli’s Tottenham career? The following comments..

Spurs boss Antonio Conte was challenged to get the most out of Dele Alli

Conte revealed his dissatisfaction with the poorly performing team after being humiliated by Slovenian minnow Mura.

Dere was one of the Spurs stars who was particularly criticized after the defeat, and Conte replaced him 54 minutes later.

The midfielder appears to be far from the first candidate for England’s starting lineup until the 2018 World Cup semi-finals.

It’s not yet known how long Conte will be with a 25-year-old kid before moving from a Premier League club.

And former Spurs Star King believes that Dere must seize the opportunity handed over to impress Conte with both hands.

“It’s still up to Dele. Again, with the arrival of a new manager, he’s got a fresh start and a new opportunity to impress,” King said on behalf of Said.

“Dele has the gift of scoring a goal, one of the 10th-placed players. His timing and finish are unusual.

“I don’t see many players who have it from deeper areas, so Dere has to work hard, work as hard as possible, and find his spirit and determination, and what he is best at. not.”

Ledley King believes that Dere’s talent is unleashed by Conte

King also set the challenge of maximizing dere in Comte. Former Defenders believe that the wealth of Italian experience will help them succeed in other failed places.

“I keep saying this, but the managers are very experienced,” added King, who won the 2008 League Cup with the Spurs.

“He went there and did it, so he’ll look at ways to get the most out of Dere. Make sure he’s doing exactly what he wants.

“It’s not when Dere plays what he wants, but the way the manager wants him, and if he does, of course he has a future.”

Dere’s next inspirational chance could come on Sunday when the Spurs visit BurnleyBut it’s still unclear if Conte trusts him to play Turf Moor.

Signason hosted a live virtual event for fans with the legendary Spurs and former captain Ledley King. Redley has also signed a limited edition product. It can be purchased online from

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Ledley King issues Antonio Conte's Challenge to unlock the struggling Dele Alli's "gift"

Source link Ledley King issues Antonio Conte's Challenge to unlock the struggling Dele Alli's "gift"

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