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Legend has it that these eerie haunts across Britain occur every midsummer.

From gray women to ghostly knights, legends suggest that midsummer transcends human territory and is full of eerie activity.

The· Paranormal database It provides an overview of the expected haunts and their horrific history.

Here’s a summary of the uneasy events on this month’s card:

Is there anything near where you live?

Piper – June 19th

Location: Glen Esk (Angus)-Lake Lee Water

Legend has it that the famous pipe player was once captured by a fairy here. His music can be heard on June 19th.

Hessian Cavalry – June 20

Location: Falksmill, Hoatown, Wexford-Battle between Hoatown Site and Green Road

The Battle of Hoatown in 1798 is believed to have been recreated by ghosts on that anniversary. This includes the emergence of “lonely Hessian soldiers” standing by a tree near a presumed burial site on Green Road.

Sprites and Pixies – June 20

Location: Barona (Isle of Man)-Barona Bridge

According to the Paranormal Database, a group of fairies appears on the bridge every year. Sprites and Pixies warn that if they aren’t recognized by passers-by, they “feel their presence.”

King Arthur – June 20

Location: Cadbury (Someset)-Road between Cadbury Castle and the villages of Nose Barrow and South Barrow

King Arthur’s ghost is believed to return to Camelot, accompanied by a knight with a spear. One witness reports that he saw an armored man riding a horse here in 1995.

Swim Jockey – June 20

Location: Ashford (Kent)-Eastwell Park and Manor House

Legend has it that a phantom jockey is running towards his house before heading to the lake. At night, Porter says he saw a white woman haunting the house. The house was thought to be cursed when the Count of Residents cut down some oak trees in the 17th century.

King Arthur’s Round Table – June 20 (midnight)

Location: Bossiney (Cornwall)-Bossiney Mound

King Arthur’s dining table is said to rise from the mound once a year.

King John Hound – June 20th or 23rd

Location: Persound Dollar (Dorset)-Persound Dollar Manners

Devil Dog packs are reportedly released twice a year again in December.

Nan Clark – June 21st

Location: NW7 (Greater London)-Nan Clark’s Lane, Mill Hill

According to the Paranormal Database, Nan Clark, the landlord of a local inn in the 18th century, returns to the area once a year. Something horrifying has been reported in the past because she was killed or believed to have been killed.

White Lady – June 21st or 24th

Location: Hampton Court (Sally)-Landing Stage

The exact date remains ambiguous, but fishermen report finding an appearance.

Tragic couple – June 23

Location: Bray (Wicklow)-Lover’s Leap Rock, Darkle Valley

It is rumored that a girl who was dishonest to her boyfriend appears here once a year. It is understood that he died of sadness when he heard the news and later she lost her life.

Spirit of Death – June 23

Location: Tavistock (Devon)-Church

The spirits of those who die next year will appear in the church, as reported by the two brothers who saw themselves in the haunted crowd.

Petrified Man – June 23

Location: Enstone (Oxfordshire)-Hoastone

The three stones standing here are thought to represent men, dogs, and horses. Once a year, the man, the largest stone, is said to move to a stream in the village.

Lonely Shepherd – June 23

Location: Kuradaha (Gwent)-Limestone Pillars

Legend has it that the shepherd who drove his wife and killed himself was petrified here. The stone walks towards the River Usk during the night.

Fairy Gathering-June 23

Location: Trellech-Around the well

Fairies are said to gather here once a year on the eve of midsummer.

Fishstone – June 23

Location: Crickhowell (Powys)-Stone along the River Usk

It is reported that a strangely shaped stone jumped into the river and swam.

Ghost Choir – June 23

Location: Slanga Tok (Powys)-Cave in the area

The cave network is believed to sing loudly with the ghost choir.

Dancing Devil – June 23

Location: Slanga Tok (Powys)-Northern Field of Slanga Tok Park

Legend has it that fairies dance with the devil around a block of wood here.

Petrified Farmer – June 23

Location: Slanga Tok (Powys)-Peeky Stone

Similar to its appearance in Gwent, the farmer who drove his wife and killed himself is believed to have turned into a stone here. The stone seems to wander the area and scream her name every year.

Top – June 23

Location: Dyffryn (South Glamorgan)-Sentry Sands Chrome Wreck

The summit of Kromlek is said to make three revolutions, and anyone who visits can fulfill their wishes.

Dance Skeleton – June 23

Location: Worthing (Sussex)-Broadwater Green, old oak tree

According to the paranormal database, the animated bones appear to dance and sway until sunrise.

Witch’s Shelter – June 23

Location: Zennor (Cornwall)-General area of ​​Trewa (aka Trewey)

Writer Robert Hunt recorded that although the activity stopped in the 1800s, the entire population of witches in the area gathered here every year to light the fire.

Wishing Stone – June 23

Location: Bettiscombe (Dorset)-Sliding Hill

It is said that the stones that grant wishes roll down the hill every year and return to the place the next day.

White Dog – June 23 (Sunrise)

Location: West Kennett (Wiltshire)-Long Barrow

It is said that a pale hound appears at sunrise and may be accompanied by a Druid.

Army March – June 23

Location: Souter Fell (Cumbria)-Mountain side seen from Wilton Hall

It was reported that more than 24 people saw a large number of troops on the mountain, despite the absence of local troops. It is unknown if this will occur repeatedly.

Mayfly – June 23rd or 24th

Location: Alton (Norfolk)-Alton Broad

The ghostly mayfly barge is said to relive here the last voyage to see the bloody murder.

Alexander Cruwys – June 24th

Location: Bickley (Devon)-Bridge over the Exe River

Legend has it that the ghost of the murderer, Alexander Kluwis, appears here every year, throwing corpses on the bridge.

Unbreakmore – June 24th

Location: Blythburgh (Suffolk)-B1125 Blythburgh to Westleton Road, a crossroads locally known as the Five Finger Posts

According to the Paranormal Database, the murdered ghost of Anne Blakemore runs in front of the car here every year. Drivers are led to believe that they killed a real person.

Bishop’s Barge – June 24th

Location: Brundall (Norfolk)-River

Local bishop barges are said to be rowed into the river every June and September to celebrate the passing sick people.

Royal Haunting-June 26th

Location: Windsor (Berkshire)-Windsor Castle

Henry VIII, Queen Elizabeth, Charles I, and George III are all reportedly seen here after death. The hunter, his devil dog, and the guards are also said to appear here at various times of the year.

Details about the legend behind the reported ghost can be found Here..

Legend has it that these eerie haunts across Britain occur every midsummer.

Source link Legend has it that these eerie haunts across Britain occur every midsummer.

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