Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s companion tells fans not to listen to Jesy Nelson’s new song Boys

Leigh-Anne PinnockFriend Stephen Batin Jesse Nelson Since then he told the fans not to listen to her first single Leaving Little Mix in December 2020.

Hairdresser, Last week I attended Ryan’s 30th birthday basketball shoes. In his report of the feud between the pairs, he used his Twitter feed to delve into Jezie.

October 8th, the day Jesse released a song and music video in collaboration with Boyes Nicki Minaj, Stephan warned people not to listen to it.

Initially, he reposted Nicky’s promotional snap posing with what appears to be Jezie, but the British singer was removed in Photoshop to be replaced by East Enders star Charlie Brooks. rice field. It was captioned: “It’s British Buddy and Barbie.”

Leigh-Anne Pinnock’s companion attacks Jesy Nelson

Stephan retweets Jezie's snapshot taken in Photoshop
Stephan retweets Jezie’s snapshot taken in Photoshop

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Immediately after this, Stephan retweeted the fan who wrote “Listen to the song” and answered “Don’t”.

Fans replied “my ears” with five tired face emojis.

Following this, Stephan decided to aim for P. Diddy, 51, who starred in a music video based on the 2001 song “Bad Boys for Life.”

He writes: “Didi hasn’t seen the gates to heaven. He hasn’t even seen purgatory. A straight one-way ticket to the underworld. Don’t go too far. Don’t collect any more Danitikane royalties.”

Stephan also blamed P Diddy and Nicki Minaj
Stephan also blamed P Diddy and Nicki Minaj

Stephan bumps into P. Diddy
Stephan bumps into P. Diddy

The fans then replied, “YALL NOT GOD! STREAM BOYZ!”, “Get your life, your loved one,” and then returned the sparkling emoji.

A few days later, on October 11, Stephan retweeted the post to 38-year-old Nikki, saying: Larry The hill you want to die for? “

He also replied to one of Nikki’s tweets, writing: Is it a bigger scale? It’s embarrassing, but it’s very sad. I don’t know what ppl can handle. Use “mental health” and hand-held emoji.

Jezie and Lian get caught up in an online feud

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He said: “It’s been nine hours since the show, why are you still going?”

all right!online We asked representatives of Jeggie and Lian for further comment.

A clear feud between Ryan and Jezie was brought to social media by TikTok user NoHun (real name Raurie Williams) on Sunday, October 10th, with 343,000 fans. He shared a screenshot of a message he appears to have received from his 28-year-old Lian’s account., She allegedly called Jezie, 30, a “horrible” person. It is unknown who among Ryan’s aides can access her social media account.

The message claimed that No Hun “needs to make a video about jelly black fishing.” This means accusing someone of pretending to have a black or mixed race heritage.

Nicki Minaj seems to have hit Leigh-Anne Pinnock on Instagram live
Nicki Minaj appeared to be attacking a woman speaking behind other people

Following this, Jesse and rapper Nicky performed live together on Instagram on Monday, October 11th, talking to 168.1 million fans about the collaboration song Boys.

In a conversation, brunette beauty Jezie “never” intends to offend anyone with her tanned curly hair, accusing her of looking “blackfish” in a new video. I spoke to an army of their followers.

While discussing their work together Nikki seemed to hit a woman speaking behind another person, Brand them as “Jealous Clowns”.

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Leigh-Anne Pinnock's companion tells fans not to listen to Jesy Nelson's new song Boys

Source link Leigh-Anne Pinnock's companion tells fans not to listen to Jesy Nelson's new song Boys

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