Less than a fifth of London schools, worst affected by school strikes, are fully open


Ondong It was the most affected area in the country by the recent teachers’ strike, with less than a fifth of schools fully open to students.

According to Ministry of Education data, only 18% of schools in the capital were fully open on both days, with 18% and 17% of schools fully closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays respectively.

tens of thousands of members National Education Union (NEU) have gone on strike for two consecutive days across England in a long-running dispute over wages.

most of the schools in England Data show that the door has been closed to some students due to industrial action by teachers.

of Ministry of Education Of the 16,100 known state-owned schools, 47% were fully open on Wednesday, 47% were open but limited attendance, and 6% were closed.

On Thursday, 46% of the 16,200 schools were estimated to be fully open, 47% were open but limited attendance and 6% were closed.

By contrast, only 14% of secondary schools were fully open on Thursday, compared with 53% of primary schools and 31% of special schools.

With most schools fully or partially closed to students, it meant that parents had to make arrangements to care for their children.

Education Secretary Gillian Keegan first invited the NEU to formal consultations on teacher salaries three weeks ago, on the condition that the union call off a planned strike.

However, the NEU has refused to suspend strike action in the UK until Mr Keegan makes an offer of compensation that could end the dispute.

Turmoil was also brought on Thursday by the prolonged walkout of striking members of the Railway, Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) of 14 railway companies over wages, employment and working conditions.

The train left later than usual around 7:30am and finished earlier than usual around 6:30pm.

Influenced operators such as CrossCountry, Great Western Railway, Northern and Southeastern.

Across the UK, 40-50% of normal weekday services were expected to run, but some areas are not running all day trains.

The disruption could continue into Friday as many trains do not stop at their regular depots during the night.

Tens of thousands of staff, including academics, librarians, technicians, security guards and catering workers, at 150 universities across the UK launched a five-day strike on Thursday.

https://www.standard.co.uk/news/education/london-schools-teacher-strikes-number-closed-b1067952.html Less than a fifth of London schools, worst affected by school strikes, are fully open

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