Less than half of companies set diversity goals

New research shows that, despite growing awareness of diversity issues, especially in tech teams, the vast majority of companies are still not taking effective actions to improve diversity and inclusion.

A Diversity in Tech report by mthree, a global emerging talent and skills provider, surprisingly found that more than half (60%) of companies are not currently setting diversity goals. In addition, one in ten admitted that they do not have a strategy of diversity and inclusiveness.

The rest of the companies are actively working to make all employees feel comfortable and welcoming, but one-fifth (20%) from current or former employees, diversity and I have received complaints about inclusion strategies.

Becs Roycroft, Senior Director of mthree, commented: “It’s easy to imagine that this heightened awareness has been put into action because of the many public debates about diversity and inclusion. Unfortunately, this is often not true.

“Not only has business diversity proved to be good for the business itself, but a recent report by McKinsey found that diverse teams of ethnic and gender are not only generally profitable, but also social. It has been shown to be very beneficial. With this in mind, it is important for organizations to consider ways to attract and retain talent from all backgrounds and walks of life.

“Both diversity goals and effective inclusion strategies are essential to this. Therefore, HR professionals do not admit disparities or expect them to be corrected in their own right. It is imperative to ensure that both initiatives are incorporated into next year’s plans. “

Technology diversity has proven to be particularly troublesome for businesses, and Tech Nation says that only 15% of the workforce in this area comes from ethnic minority backgrounds, and gender diversity is currently around 19. Reported as%, but all other jobs are 49%.

Perhaps not surprisingly, according to a mthree survey, 63% of companies are aware of the ongoing lack of diversity in their tech teams.

Encouragingly, 40% of them are working on solving the problem, but 23% say they don’t know how to change things. Even more worrisome, 9% say they have never even considered whether there is a diversity issue.

Becs continued: “Technology has long been recognized as having certain diversity issues, but more than half of the companies are still failing to address them. Many are looking for ways to improve. It’s great to see, but it’s a concern that a significant percentage don’t know where to start.

“These companies are urgently seeking professional help by hiring experienced in-house diversity and inclusion officers or by working with talent providers who are enthusiastic about diversity and clear strategies. Recommended. To achieve it on the fly. “

Less than half of companies set diversity goals

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