Level up: Local employment and public sector recruitment

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Philippa Bonay tells Bill Banham in his latest podcast about the transition to hybrid work in the private sector over the last two years, urging the importance of embracing a broader and more diverse talent pool.

Filipa emphasized that there are major challenges to leveling up, especially in today’s tough labor market. Finding skills everywhere is important.

“Especially when we have the labor market we have at that moment, we need to keep people purely away from local recruitment, and think more in terms of resources.”


Post-pandemic remote and hybrid work has become the “standard”, the talent pool has expanded, and recruiters are no longer restricted to hiring only local talent.

Surrounding the idea of ​​leveling up is also moving away from the idea of ​​a London-centric economy. Filipa argues that balancing the number of roles in the public sector based across the UK and hiring locally is consistent with the changes seen over the past few years, especially within the private sector.

Filipa argues that when workers come to the office, a great office space encourages people to come back and work with purpose and cooperate.

However, Filipa also emphasized that many people did not want to commute for long periods of time, especially throughout the pandemic. She is questioning how employers can better balance this while increasing the diversity of the organization. She suggests that going out to the UK is a great way to do that.

Commenting on the role of HR professionals today, Philippa also explains the role that data plays.You need to use both qualitative and quantitative data and encourage HR professionals not to be really shy. speaking To people.

“Using both qualitative and quantitative data is important for good behavior.”


Philippa argues that data can be a real turning point in the world of affairs. Using the data is absolutely essential to take action and show what each organization should do.

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Level up: Local employment and public sector recruitment

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