Lilian Thuram: “Racism has always been a fraud and a political structure” | Soccer

NSOr Lilian Thuram, the World Cup was never enough. He sought to contribute profoundly before finishing his career in France, where he won the trophies in Monaco, Palma, Juventus and Barcelona and held the record for 142 appearances. is. Social change.

The foundation he founded in 2008 aims to educate people from racism. Since cutting his boots that year, he has also campaigned against sexism and homosexuality, among other things, advising the French government on social integration, serving as UNICEF ambassador, and his efforts to combat discrimination. Against Sterling University and Stockholm University. He has written several books. His latest English version, “White Thinking: Behind the Mask of Racial Identity,” was released on Friday. In it he calls for “racial suicide.” He aims to free people from “identity prisons”.

He knows these are shocking terms. Thuram believes it is important to encourage people, especially whites, to think more deeply about social structure and race.

Lilian Thuram won the 1998 World Cup Trophy. During his post-play career, he has written numerous books on race and discrimination. Photo: Pixathlon / REX / Shutterstock

“Reni Eddo-Lodge wrote a very good book a few years ago. Why I no longer talk to whites about race“Thuram says. “My book says the opposite:” If we talk about racism, we have to talk about white people. “It’s like sexism, and it’s men who need to be educated. And a boy. What I’m trying to say is:’Yes, there is racism: why? And why do we say there are whites and non-whites? Why do we say there are people of color? If you don’t know the reason, you can’t understand why the prejudice exists. People need to know the history of racialization in the world. “

Thuram explains that he knew that race was an external push since he moved to Paris at the age of nine from Guadeloupe, where he was born. At that time, thanks to the perception of others, he “blackened”.

“No one is born in black or white,” he says. “It’s important for people who are said to be white to understand what white is. We all need to be aware that history has led us to wear skin-colored masks. In the book I encourage people to remove those masks. To remove them, you need to know the history of these identities related to skin color, the social hierarchy devised. I. When we understand history, we understand that racial discrimination has always been a scam. It is always between humans to exploit certain people so that the minority can be rich. It was a political structure designed to break the bond of solidarity.

“To be able to change, we need to lift ourselves out of categories such as men, women, black and white. First and foremost, we must promote the idea that we are humans. Generally speaking, the majority do not want change because they have settled on their habits. Therefore, the minority must be able to cause change. “

Soccer is not the focus of white thinking. However, because sports are an important part of society, they can influence and be affected. Thuram says it’s important what the player does. “It’s very important that players keep kneeling before the match to blame the injustices that affect people in color,” he says. “British football must congratulate you on this. They are really pioneers in raising awareness, at least in football. What they do is reflect on people. Encourage. “

1998 Lilian Thuram
Lilian Thuram with Parma in 1998. He states: ‘I arrived in Italy in 1997 and the stadium had racist chanting. Now in 2021, the stadium still has racist chanting. Photo: Mark Reach / Offside / Getty Images

Thuram believes that it is also important for white players to actively challenge racial inequality rather than relying on color players to lead. “Racist players are often asked,’What should I do about it?’ It’s very hypocritical because it suggests that it’s up to them to find a solution as if they were the problem. It is usually up to the majority of white players to refuse to play. After that, those in power are forced to take action. Otherwise their business will suffer. “

Thuram does not expect the governing body to take strong steps to bring about change unless pressured to do so. “At first there is no change from the authorities. If you want to make a change, you have to do things to force the authorities to change. For example, I talk to you from Italy. There, people often ask me: “Are the authorities doing enough to tackle racism?” And I say:’No. I arrived in Italy in 1997 and the stadium had racist chanting. Now in 2021, the stadium still has racist chanting. That means the authorities aren’t doing their job.

White sinking cover
White Thinking is out on Friday.

“All I do is take pictures of reality. They aren’t making a difference, so I need another strategy. Historically, it’s the individual who mandates system changes. I Talking about individuals of all colors evolving the system. It’s the way things happened in history, whether it’s a battle for gender equality, sexual equality, and so on.

“Otherwise, it’s against business interests and needs to be changed. As long as the match continues when racism occurs, the agency will only make superficial attempts to deal with it. They Makes substantial changes only on the day the white player decides to stop playing. After that, the agency is forced to find a solution. “

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Thuram is encouraged by the activism he sees “Young black players who aren’t ready to accept what older players have accepted … and make their teammates, opponents and supporters think.” He is similarly encouraged by the stance of some white players. “For example, seeing Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson speak against racism, I think it’s great. It’s that racism affects him too, he said. Because it means that you understand.

“He wasn’t neutral, he realized that it wasn’t the responsibility of the few people who were the target of racism to blame it. Players like him set an example. The more people who call for racism, the closer we are to equality. Needless to say, to support racist violence. I understand how people are organized. I wrote a book to help, that racism is a trap. You have to understand it. “

White Thinking: Behind the Mask of Racial Identity Lilian Thuram is out October 29, Hero issue, price £ 18.99

Lilian Thuram: “Racism has always been a fraud and a political structure” | Soccer

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