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Lisburn PO Box gets Mother’s Day makeover in favor of Royal Mail

Lisburn’s mailbox is a very special makeover to commemorate Mother’s Day.

Royal Mail specially decorates her mother in one of only four in the UK.

Inverness, Pontypridd and Liverpool have been placed in the other three.

The· Post box, 3 for letters and cards, 4 for parcels, decorated in plum color, Royal mail employee.

Their design incorporates the image of the worker’s mother, a description of their relationship, and how blockade restrictions can affect them.

The box is also “digitally activated,” allowing customers to scan the QR code included in the design on their mobile phones and watch short films where employees are talking about their mother.

In one of the videos, Emma Cullingford of West Sussex talks about her mother who went missing in 2013.

Emma was supported by Royal Mail’s charity partner Missing People. This partner supports more than 100,000 people who go missing each year.

Nick Landon, Royal Mail’s Chief Commercial Officer, said:

“Mother’s Day is set a little different this year. Many people are preparing to spend the day away from their loved ones, so sending letters, cards and parcels by mail is not a good idea. It’s a great way to remind your mom wherever you are. She may-how much you love her and how much she really makes sense to you. “

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Lisburn PO Box gets Mother's Day makeover in favor of Royal Mail

Source link Lisburn PO Box gets Mother's Day makeover in favor of Royal Mail

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