Liverpool-Blue Badge The Third Worst British City in Parking

Liverpool is ranked as one of the worst cities in the UK with blue badge parking.

Findings revealed in a national vehicle contract report stating that demand for disabled parking has skyrocketed since 2019, when the government expanded blue badge parking for people with hidden disabilities It has been.

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts analyzed Parkopedia data for 56 parking lots to calculate the percentage of accessible parking lots available at each location. But which cities are missing?

Of the 56 city parkings analyzed, Derby topped the list because it failed to offer substantial parking options to drivers with disabilities.

Despite more than 5,112 registered blue badge owners in the city, only 42% of parking lots provided space for blue badge owners.

Southampton is second with only 46%, but Liverpool, which owns more than 6,200 blue badge holders, is rated third worst with 44% of non-accessible parking.

A spokesperson for the Liverpool City Council said the city council manages a relatively small percentage of the city’s parking spaces. Most of the space is in private parking lots.

“There is approximately 500 dedicated spaces for the disabled on the street opposite the city council parking lot and the city center. Additional space will be created for the new facilities under construction at Kings Dock and Paddington Village. I am.

“Blue badge owners can also park for free in all but one municipal or street parking lots in the city. The number of disabled spaces in 51 private parking lots in Liverpool. Cannot be managed. “

Worcester gives the best results with a huge 96%. Epsom’s Sallytown was second (95%) and Croydon was third (94%).

Keith Hawes, Director of Nationwide Vehicle Contracts, said:


Liverpool-Blue Badge The Third Worst British City in Parking

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