Liverpool Transfer Summary: Florian Neuhaus Gives Reds Priorities, Gini Winardum Remarks

One of Jurgen Klopp’s first orders this summer will surely find a replacement for Georginio Wijnaldam.

The Dutch left Liverpool for a free transfer to Paris Saint-Germain after the expiration of this year’s contract.

Midfielder is a key player under the Reds boss, Premier League Matches this season.

Borussia Mönchengladbach star Florian Neuhaus knows that Wizinaldam has checked many boxes filled in Anfield as an ideal alternative to cropping.

Here Mirror Sports has all the latest transfer rumors surrounding Liverpool.

Neuhaus has already communicated Liverpool’s priorities

Florian Neuhaus is associated with a move to Liverpool

Mirror sports Gladbach star Neuhaus has revealed that he is on the Reds radar. The scout is preparing to closely monitor his exploit at Euro 2020.

This 24-year-old is part of the German team and must be overcome in order for Portugal and France to reach the knockout stage alone.

German champion Bayern Munich is also linked, but Neuhaus has suggested accepting transfers abroad.

“I’m a person who dares to do something. I could imagine going abroad very well. I don’t have to go to Bayern Munich,” he recently admitted.

“But I’m so relaxed in Borussia Mönchengratbach that I don’t necessarily have to leave.

“I had a big goal and I was missing something. What exactly is it? Title. It drives me because I want to win a title in my career. The year I won the title. , It’s really a dream year.

Who needs to sign in to the transfer window this summer in Liverpool?Leave you The following comments..

“It’s not that big of a problem for me right now,” he said in February. “I play for Borussia and have a contract. As a club, we are pursuing a very big goal this season as well.

“For now, I can’t say what will happen in the summer. I’m very relaxed about the future. Borussia is a club where I can achieve great growth and everything is there. What am I about Borussia? I know if you have. “

Wijnaldum says

Giorginio Wizinal Dam will be competing in PSG next season

Wijnaldum acknowledged that Paris Saint-Germain’s prompt negotiations ensured his participation despite the offer from Paris Saint-Germain. Barcelona..

After leaving Liverpool At the end of the season, the Dutch national team was widely expected to join Barca and play for his compatriot Ronald Koeman.

Asked why he decided to accept the Parisian offer, he revealed that both their urgency and the clarity of the project were decisive factors.

“It was a difficult choice. We negotiated with Barcelona for four weeks but didn’t reach an agreement,” he explained.

“PSG was faster and their project talked to me more. To be honest, I was only interested in Barcelona at first, so I was thinking of joining Barcelona.

“PSG and Barcelona are both really great clubs and both are the clubs I wanted to play. I wanted to make a decision before the euro started, so I chose PSG in the end.”

Mbappe admits PSG can make a mistake in the club

Can Kylian Mbappe leave PSG?

Kylian Mbappe remains undecided whether to stay in Paris Saint-Germain or seek to move away from the League One giant.

The French have 12 months left on their Parc des Princes contract, and so far several months of contract renewal negotiations have been largely unsuccessful.

“I need to make the right decision, but it’s difficult and I need to give myself the best opportunity to make a good decision,” Mbappe said.

“I’m in a happy place and feel good, but is it the best place for me? I have no answer yet.”

Liverpool Transfer Summary: Florian Neuhaus Gives Reds Priorities, Gini Winardum Remarks

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