Liverpool’s first black player, his iconic 61 minutes and his position in the history of the Reds

Black History Month: Howard Gayle was Liverpool’s first black player and pioneers changed the course of the European Cup semifinals in 1981.

Howard Gayle presented Liverpool’s stunning display to Bayern Munich in 1981.

When Thinking About Liverpool’s Six Architects European Cup Howard Gale is not the name that immediately comes to mind.

But without him, it’s very likely that there will be only five.

Born in Toxteth in 1958, Gale Liverpool Young people were ranked and began to win professional contracts with the Reds at the age of 19.

Gale, who became the first black player to play in Liverpool, clearly caught the attention of the press, especially because he was a local youth. And soon it became clear that he wanted more than football.

“The media was always the first black player I played in Liverpool,” Gale said. This is anfield..

“It’s a landmark for blacks and we’re proud to represent the black community in Liverpool.”

Gale at the airport on the way to the 1981 European Cup final


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Gail made his Reds debut instead Manchester city In October 1980, he won 3-0 on the main road, but after returning to the reserve, he had to wait six months before his next appearance.

Bob Paisley’s team drew 0-0 to Anfield in the first leg of the Europa League semi-final against Bayern Munich, in the midst of an injury crisis-and allowed an additional substitute on the European match bench Was-Gale is a matchday team for a trip to Germany, Paisley sees his pace on the wings as a useful alternative option.

I suffered another injury in just 9 minutes in Liverpool. Kenny Dalglish, And Paisley turned to Gale from the bench, not the experienced Jimmy Case or the young. Ian Rush -People who haven’t made their Reds debut yet.

Bayern was completely unaware of Gale’s qualities, so an unknown young man embarked on a confused German defense. He simply couldn’t handle his speed.

Gale went straight up the pitch in Liverpool as the attempt to turn the Bavarian screw was thwarted. The change became a master stroke from Paisley.

He retaliated and made an appointment when it became clear to them that the only way they could stop Gale was to kick him, and when Winger was dissatisfied with his constant challenge to him.

Gail ran irregularly in Bavarian defense in Munich


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As the match entered the decisive final stage, Paisley began to worry that Bayern-targeted Gale would be sent off. He withdrew him for a case in the 70th minute of the match and Gale was blinded to his 61st minute on the pitch.

Bayern was so tired that Ray Kennedy quickly scored an important away goal on Liverpool. Bayern caught up with the tie, but it was the Reds who passed the final. real Madrid For their third European crown. Gail was an unused substitute for the final and won the deserved winner medal.

His 2016 book was titled “61 Minutes in Munich” because the Bavarian match will be Gale’s best time in Liverpool.

Among them, former Winger-declined MBE for his service Show racism on a red card In the same year, he said he couldn’t accept it because he betrayed the Africans suffering under the British Empire-detailing how difficult it is to make it in Liverpool as the club’s first black player. Yes, especially one person is very close.

Former captain Tommie Smith was nearing the end of Reds’ career when he began his involvement with Gale’s first team, but Gale’s path is often as detailed in his book. It intersected with an intimidating person called “Anfield Iron”.

Tommie Smith was a terrifying person in Liverpool



Smith did not hesitate to his views on race and society, repeatedly commenting on Gale during training, forcing Winger to listen to this diabetes from a man he had previously idolized.

“It was enough on a cold November morning,” Gale wrote in the book.

“I took the ball, controlled it and hit a shot towards the goal. Tommy Smith was on another team and it hit his foot. It was clearly stabbed and some of the other players Ka started laughing. I had a smile on my face Tommy responded with a tee raid of abuse. It was “black this, black that”.

“The place has become quiet. Everyone, including the staff, could hear it. He was a legend. I had nothing. Nobody said a word.

The United Kingdom began celebrating Black History Month, which was first born in the United States in October 1987 and later adopted by European countries such as Ireland and the Netherlands.

Black History Month defends the experience here in Britain and helps to give context to modern life and national history while celebrating the contributions of the Black British.

The observations were first organized under the leadership of Ghana-born analyst Akyaaba Addai-Sebo. He was the coordinator of a special project for the Greater London Council.

As a result, Akyaaba has created a plan aimed at recognizing the contributions of African, Asian and Caribbean people to the economic, cultural and political life of the United Kingdom.

“I had him enough: this bitter old man. So I went up and squared: nose to nose. I saw him dead. *** At home, baseball I’m waiting for you with my bat, “I said calmly. I wanted to start fighting him, so he left.

“Looking back now, I remember this moment as the real lowest point. I grew up loving Tommy Smith. He was the hero of Bill Shankly’s team. But you are a player, a legend, I can only see the hero. You are not. Since then he has not been my hero. As a human, Tommy Smith was disappointed and completely disappointed.

“Graeme Souness was the only person to come shortly after.’Well done, Howard,’ he said.’Tommy deserves it.’ Graeme was a true leader.

Gail continued to play in Fulham, Newcastle, Birmingham, Sunderland, Stoke, Blackburn and Halifax



“A few weeks after the flash point with Tommie Smith, I waited for him to come back to me. Instead, he never spoke to me in racist language. Since then we have barely talked.

“The episode between us set the benchmark. Some comments may have been made behind me, but never directly on my face. Others in Liverpool, I knew I wasn’t afraid. “

Gail is also quoted From his skin , Dave Hill’s book on John Barnes’ influence on British football. He puts Smith’s attitude ignorantly and notes the changes in his behavior after the conflict.

Smith died in April 2019. His Liverpool heritage was divided into his great ability as a player and what we would know later.

Gale’s role as a pioneer in Liverpool is always there, with a much deeper impact than just 61 minutes in Munich.

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Liverpool's first black player, his iconic 61 minutes and his position in the history of the Reds

Source link Liverpool's first black player, his iconic 61 minutes and his position in the history of the Reds

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