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Liz Truss blows up “fantasy” plans to reduce public spending by £ 11 billion annually

Plan by Liz Truss Reducing public spending by up to £ 11 billion annually has been rejected as “fantasy” and “bonker”.

The Foreign Minister promised to wage a “war with Whitehall waste” if she: prime minister By reducing the number of days civil servants are allowed, ending national wage transactions, and abolishing work of diversity and inclusiveness.

She also said she would work on “left-wing groupthink.” Civil servants as part of the reform.

But in great embarrassment, the truss team was forced to correct one of their numbers after pointing out that the calculations HuffPost UK sent to journalists were incorrect.

This is the latest in lean meat policy that foreign secretaries have thrown at Tory members. Decide the next prime minister..

“She should consider whether the CEO of a private company considers publicly attacking staff in this way to be a viable strategy for long-term success.”

-Dave Penman, FDA Union

A public sector payroll expert described the plan as a “bonker” with “numbers here and there” and told the HuffPost UK: “The numbers don’t add up and the terms don’t make sense.”

A press release sent by her campaign saves £ 557 million annually in London salary allowances by her government “based on 22,000 civil servants transferred from the capital by 2030.” He said.

The press release also repeated this £ 557m savings in footnotes.

However, the HuffPost UK pointed out that London’s weight is around £ 4,000 per civil servant per year, not £ 25,000 as the calculations suggest.

Her team acknowledged their mistakes and said the policy would actually reduce government spending by only £ 153m (a difference of £ 404m).

They claimed that the overall savings of £ 11 billion remained “correct.”

Most of the savings (about £ 8.8 billion) come from paying workers who live in cheaper parts of the country compared to places like London and the southeast where living costs are high.

The truss campaign argues that local living costs are not taken into account, as wages for civil servants are negotiated at the national level.

By introducing a local salary committee, the salaries of civil servants can be adjusted to where they work, saving billions of taxpayers as well as higher public sector for private employers. They argue that their wages can prevent them from becoming “crowded.”

Labor deputy leader Angela Rayner said the government’s commitment to leveling up is “dead” and wages for the people of the north will be hit hardest.

She added: “Liz Truss declares war on her fantasy recipe for leveling down.

“This aspiring prime minister has been stuck in the past, fighting old battles and promising competition to the bottom of the wages and rights of public sector workers.

“Her” adjusted “wage plans will level the wages of the people of the north and exacerbate the existing inequality. This non-contact government commitment to leveling up is dead. “

Dave Penman, head of the FDA union on behalf of senior civil servants, has accused Truss of recycling “failed policies and tired rhetoric since the 1980s.”

He described her plan as being out of the “P & O Ferries Playbook.” This will lead to a reduction in “payments, contract terms”.

“She is so engrossed in comparisons with the private sector that the CEO of a private company considers publicly attacking staff in this way a viable strategy for long-term success. It’s a good idea to consider whether, “he added.

PCS General Secretary Mark Selwotka warned Tory leaders that she would expect to face opposition “at every stage” if she pursued these proposals in No.10.

“Civil servants are not a political means of being used and abused for one ambition. They are hard-working people who continue to run the country every day and they deserve respect,” he added.

Researchers at the Institute for Government of the United Kingdom have suggested that the scope of Truss’ regional salary committee will extend beyond civil servants to civil servants such as teachers and nurses.

The truss campaign states that taxpayers can save £ 137 million annually by banning “facility hours” for trade union representatives to take paid leave to focus on union activities.

Reducing the average civil service leave qualification from 27 days to 25 days, which is commonly found in the private sector, saves around £ 2 billion.

The truss campaign claims that dismantling Whitehall’s Diversity Officer can save around £ 12m a year by removing at least 326 posts.

Despite the Conservative Party’s twelve years in power, Truss said: Once you reach Downing Street, stop and run a government that relentlessly focuses on serving the British people and provides value to hard-working taxpayers.

“While in government, I embraced Whitehall’s legitimacy and showed that I was ready to get things done.”

Liz Truss blows up “fantasy” plans to reduce public spending by £ 11 billion annually

Source link Liz Truss blows up “fantasy” plans to reduce public spending by £ 11 billion annually

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