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Liz Truss climbs cabinet ladder and is appointed Foreign Minister


Rom, who has been ridiculed for her anger about cheese imports, has been appointed to one of the state’s great offices. Liz Truss Steadily rising Cupboard Ladder.

Promoted by the Prime Minister Foreign secretary During the remodeling of the top team, Ms. Truss was rewarded after being seen as having succeeded in the post of Minister of International Trade.

While government Faced with a tough heading about a deadlock in negotiations with the European Union during the Brexit transition, the Southwest Norfolk MP has made steady efforts to roll over a number of UK trade agreements, ready for EU member states to continue. While you confirmed that the terms were agreed, after exiting the block.

Liz Truss enters 10 Downing Street during cabinet reshuffle (Stephan Rousseau / PA) / PA wire

The coveted trade deal with the United States may have missed her, but while the New Zealand deal is said to be nearing completion, the 46-year-old wants to secure new terms between Japan and Australia. Won praise at the Conservative Party.

To ensure terms with Canberra, Mr. Truss’s belief in free trade was said to have outstripped the protective trade instinct of other ministers, including the Administrator of the Environment. George Eustice Especially when it comes to food imports.

However, her labor critics lamented that the Cabinet Minister had not submitted a “single trade agreement not yet signed within the EU” and praised her achievements in the government for being exaggerated. bottom.

Boris Johnson became a credible ally with his latest remodeling after Dominic Raab was dismissed from the Foreign Ministry after failing to handle the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Dominic Raab was removed from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs during the remodeling (Stephan Rousseau / PA) / PA wire

Mr. Truss was an early supporter of Mr. Johnson in the 2019 Tories leadership race. This decision helped her trap the promotion from Chief Secretary to the Treasury and lead the Department for International Trade.

Remaining voices during the EU referendum, reportedly, No. 10 was impressed with the post-Brexit opportunity and the way it embraced trade reforms.

The two married mothers, who survived their relationship with former Tory MP Markfield before being elected to the Commons, boasted an impressive CV and opposed her upbringing by left-handed parents, Minister of Education, Environmental Secretary, I am in the position of justice. Former secretary of the conservative government.

Liz Truss climbs cabinet ladder and is appointed Foreign Minister

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