Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland go down because customers can’t make payments

Some Lloyds Bank, Halifax, and Bank of Scotland clients are unable to make faster payments today after all three lenders have suffered a technical glitch.

Lloyds Bank is experiencing problems with faster payments

Lloyds Bank, Halifax Bank of Scotland customers are having a hard time sending cash this morning due to a technical problem.

The High street lenderOwned by Lloyds Banking GroupConfirmed that there is a problem with faster payment.

Approximately 200 customers are dissatisfied with this service, according to DownDetector, an outage tracker.

The problem seems to have started around 8am.

A customer tweeted to Halifax, saying, “I can’t pay. My lawyer can’t contact you to settle your mortgage, and today it’s a lot of payments and rewards.” I am.

Are you affected? Get in touch:

Another person said, “Is there a problem this morning? I sent the money about 20 minutes ago and I’m still waiting for it to be credited to my credit account.”

A Lloyds Bank customer said, “When do you fix an issue where online bank transfers via the app aren’t working? I’ve tried it for over an hour!”

In another tweet, “I tried to send money, but it keeps getting rejected. I can’t even send money to the app’s savings account because of technical errors. Did you go down? “

DownDetector shows a surge in complaints about Lloyds Banking

In a reply to a customer, Lloyds said:

“These payments have been made, but this morning it will take a little longer than usual.”

Halifax tweeted. “We are aware of the issue of customers sending faster payments. Sorry.

“The transfer should arrive in the recipient’s account within two hours, but it may arrive earlier. If the recipient is monitoring his account, it should arrive soon.”

Halifax said cash transfers should arrive within two hours of being sent. Miller asked the Lloyds Banking Group for the latest information on when the issue would be fixed.

Do you have the right to get a refund for a bank defect?

If your bank is out of service, you are not entitled to automatic compensation. Instead, it depends on how bad the outage has been for you.

For example, if you miss an invoice or any payment.

It also depends on how long the service interruption lasts and how quickly the bank has worked to resolve it.

Lloyds Bank, Halifax When Bank of Scotland Each has its own online page to help you file a complaint.

If you are considering filing a complaint, you need to collect evidence of how the service issue affected you and how long it took.

If you really need access to your money, but your online service is down, you can go to your local bank branch and withdraw your funds as usual.

If you don’t have a branch of your local bank nearby, or can’t get there, call the bank or contact the bank on social media and ask what to do.

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Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland go down because customers can't make payments

Source link Lloyds, Halifax and Bank of Scotland go down because customers can't make payments

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