London and UK Local Elections 2022 Results Live: Boris Johnson admits a “severe night” as Torries loses hundreds of seats


The Prime Minister admitted that it was a “severe night” in local elections as the Conservatives lost more than 300 councilors across Britain and London’s headquarters in Westminster, Wandsworth and Labor fell to Labor.

The Prime Minister said he took full responsibility for the results as Sir Keir Starmer’s party won in a series of areas long held by the capital Tory.

But Tory managed to catch Hello from labor-it was hit hard as Lutfur Rahman won the Tower Hamlets Mayor’s race dramatically.

In response to the results of his visit to the schools of members of Uxbridge and South Ruislip, Johnson told reporters: It’s certainly a mixed set of results.

“We had a tough night in some parts of the country, while in other parts of the country, conservatives have made great strides in places where they haven’t voted for conservatives for a long time. I’m seeing you … “

Wandsworth was the home of the Tories for 44 years and was considered the party’s “jewel of the crown,” but Burnett and Westminster were never detained by the Labor Party. London Mayor Sadiq Khan praised Wandsworth’s victory as “a historic and enjoyable night for workers.”

But sir Keir StarmerThe party gained a position in the capital and lost Hull to the Liberal Democratic Party elsewhere, but there was a complicated situation of success with the new Cumberland authorities.

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Sinn Féin wins historic victory in Northern Ireland Assembly elections

The Sinn Féin party is aiming for a historic victory in the Northern Ireland Assembly elections after winning the highest priority vote.

Continuing to count 90 seats in Stormont, the Republicans won 16 seats, far ahead of the Alliance with 7 seats, the Democratic Unionist Party with 6 seats, the Ulster Unionist Party with 3 seats, and SDLP with 1 seat.

The Sinn Féin party appears to win the most seats after gaining 250,388 seats, compared to the Democratic Unionist Party’s 184,002 and Union Party’s 116,681.

This means that the Democratic Unionist Party won 21.3%, the Alliance 13.5%, the Ulster Unionist Party 11.2%, SDLP 9.1%, and 29% of the priority votes.

Naomi Long’s Union Party appears to be another major winner of the election, with Staumont’s third-largest party after UUP and SDLP, which has seen disappointing results as support for inter-community parties has skyrocketed. May be. ..

However, the counting process was slow, with just over one-third of the 90 seats filled just before 10 pm on Friday.


Bromley Treys regrets national results

Bromley’s conservative leader, Collin Smith, admitted that despite winning in Bickley’s ward, it wasn’t the ideal set of results.

He states: “Today’s results at Bickley have an element of regret to say. We lost a good councilor in part of the ward.

“I can’t do anything about it right now. We’re going through a big program over the next four years and it’s starting today.”


Delayed results of Mayor Croydon


Tory suffered huge losses and was wiped out in Wales

The Tory Council currently loses 482 seats across the UK.

Conservatives have lost control of the only council in Wales that had a majority control.

Monmouthshire in southeastern Wales has been led by the party since 2017, but now the Labor Party occupies the most seats.

Tory of Wales expected a loss, but not almost all of the profits he made in the last parliamentary election five years ago.

Their leader, Andrew RT Davis, has blamed the problems that have plagued Westminster’s Boris Johnson administration: the crisis in living expenses and the factions.


Workers increase majority in Cardiff

Labor made 16 profits in Cardiff, increasing the overall majority of the city council to 31. The Labor Party currently has 55 seats, the Conservative Party 11 seats, the Liberal Democratic Party 10 seats, the Prad Camry 2 seats, and the Promotion Party 1 seat.


Newham owned by Labor Party

Although 2018 results have declined slightly, Newham will remain a workforce hub for at least another four years.

However, the two seats available at the Stratford Olympic Park have both moved to the green, which is not without shock.

Since 2006, Newham has not elected a councilor from anywhere but the Labor Party. So, in a sense, Nathaniel Higgins and Daniel Keeling make history.

There are approximately 361,700 residents in Newham, with a median age of 32.7 and one in four residents under the age of 18.

According to the Trust for London, Newham is experiencing the serious problems of poverty and inequality.

Half of the children (50%) are determined to be in poor families, compared to 37% in the typical London borough. The proportion of households in Newham’s temporary accommodation is by far the highest in the capital.


Liberal Democratic Party Easily Holds Kingston Apontems Council

The end result is in Kingston, and the Liberal Democratic Party easily wins.

Forty-one Liberal Democratic councilor won an overwhelming victory over the party closest to the Conservative Party, which had three wins.

Kingston has been the home of the Liberal Democratic Party since the party took control of the Tories in 2018.

The autonomous region is home to Parliamentarian and leader Ed Davey.


Conservatives hold Bromley

Tory has lost 14 seats and Labor has maintained Bromley despite gaining 4 seats.

Bromley, Greater London’s largest autonomous region and one of the most rural, is one of the traditional conservative bases of the capital.

With the exception of a council term in the late 1990s, the Conservative Party has been in control since the formation of the Autonomous Region in 1964, when no party was found to gain overall control of the council due to the surge in support for the Liberal Democratic Party. It has occupied the majority.

Final result:

Conservative: 36 (-14)

Labor: 12 (+4)

Liberal Democratic Party: 5 (+5)

Chislehurst problem: 3 (+3)

Begin Hill Independent: 2 (-)


Harringay turns red firmly

Labor maintained Harringay’s dominance and won another 11 seats. This was done primarily at the expense of the Liberal Democratic Party, which lost eight seats.

The new council consists of 50 Labor Council members and 7 Liberal Democratic Party members.


Labor candidate won all seats in Lewisham for the second time

Labor candidates have won all seats in Lewisham for the second time.

The party fought the Green threat in Blockley to maintain all 54 seats across London borough, as in 2018.

Labor Party Damien Egan has been reelected and the percentage of votes has increased.

London and UK Local Elections 2022 Results Live: Boris Johnson admits a “severe night” as Torries loses hundreds of seats

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