London City Airport Calls for End of Saturday Flight Ban | London

London City Airport is overturning the flight ban on Saturday and is trying to raise the passenger limit by 40%.

A group of locals blamed the proposal to take nearly 24 hours of rest from aircraft noise from 1 pm Saturday to 12:30 pm Sunday, which was approved when the airport was licensed.

The City of London also wants to allow more flights in the early morning and evening, but states that only new, quieter aircraft will be allowed in these slots.

The airport hopes to increase the annual number of passengers from 3m to 9m by 2031, but the current limit is 6.5m. It said it would achieve numbers without additional flights or runways while maintaining an eight-hour curfew.

The plan said it would create 2,100 additional jobs and contribute an additional £ 750m annually to London’s economy.

However, citizen group Hakan East said Saturday’s flight plan would offend the community.

Its chair, John Stewart, said: I’m angry that my break now is only a few hours on Sunday morning. “

Stewart questioned the value of the guarantee that only new planes would fly at a particular time. He said the plane the city invited was much larger and “only significantly quieter when taking off from a community near the airport.”

London City has begun 10-week talks on expansion plans. This must be agreed by London Borough of Newham.

The airport completely closed commercial flights for three months during the 2020 pandemic.

Robert Sinclair, Chief Executive Officer of the City of London, said:

“Following our commitment to become London’s first Net Zero Airport by 2030, these proposals show how the City of London and its airlines can sustainably meet future demand. ..

“In particular, we will accelerate investment in newer generation aircraft that are cleaner and quieter for long-term use, and provide communities with the benefits of quieter aircraft throughout the week.”

London City Airport Calls for End of Saturday Flight Ban | London

Source link London City Airport Calls for End of Saturday Flight Ban | London

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