London hotel launches CBD sleep experience

Natalie Meredith turned to CBD after developing Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS). Talking about cannabis health, she explains how it helped her fall asleep and relieve anxiety.

Restless legs syndrome is a condition of the nervous system that causes an overwhelmingly attractive urge to move the legs. It causes the sensation of crawling on the legs, calves, thighs, and sometimes the arms. It can happen during the day, but it often gets worse at night and interferes with sleep.

The cause is unknown RSL However, doctors suspect that it may be related to how the body processes dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical produced in the brain that is associated with muscle movement. It is also believed that it may be due to kidney problems or low iron levels.

Restless legs syndrome at night

Natalie left Australia and moved to England, where she noticed an energy explosion on her leg. She wasn’t a big fan of going to the GP because she had previously experienced misdiagnosis and dosing, so she tried to deal with it as much as possible.

Natalie said: “I tried to sleep, but I took this energy into my feet. I tried to ignore it, but it got worse until I couldn’t sleep or rest. I really didn’t get in the way. I couldn’t see anything on my laptop. I was frustrated because I couldn’t sleep. I tried a lot before trying to find out what was happening. “

She added: “I drank wine every night and tried to put it to sleep. It wasn’t an option for me because I don’t use cannabis. I finally looked it up on the NHS website, and what it was Tell me exactly. I have all the symptoms and found that they are worse than most people. “

Natalie did more than just experience Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) at night. sleep Not only when she was about to lead a daily life. She will experience it by public transport or plane while traveling.

However, lack of sleep was one of the more difficult symptoms she experienced.

“I didn’t have a minimum amount of sleep, and I went to bed that night knowing I wasn’t going to rest. I was frustrated because I was overwhelmed by my mental health. I was angry with everything. But I couldn’t fix it at all. I was so tired that I couldn’t concentrate on my work, or I felt sick with a little bit. “

She added: “I wasn’t just sitting there because it got in the way of looking for something to do at night. Curiously, I was frustrated, but I started socializing and drinking more. The lifestyle was just going on and it was really terrible. I’m not a heavy drinker in general, but this caused me to drink wine every night. Not only that, sleep deprivation gives me a sleep paralysis. , It was a terrifying vicious circle. “

Sleep paralysis is when a person cannot move or talk when waking up or falling asleep. It can be painful or anxious.

Natalie continued. “My mind was going to fall asleep, and I woke up by kicking my leg. I couldn’t understand why I was doing this myself. I didn’t put it to sleep causing this There was nothing outside. It was like a self-destructive act. “

Natalie began researching alternatives to see if she could control her symptoms as her GP suggested more drug options as an alternative to dopamine.

She was very aware that this was not sustainable as the available treatments could no longer make her work.

She explained: “There are ongoing studies on the cause of restless legs syndrome, but it has not been confirmed so far. They think it may be how dopamine is distributed throughout the body. Therefore, people with RLS are missing something, going elsewhere, or not working properly. “

RSL: Empwr Botany Natalie

Restless Legs Syndrome and CBD

Natalie noticed that the cannabis and CBD movements were getting bigger, so she decided she had nothing to lose.

“I tried CBD, and it worked so fast. I got a very strong CBD arc with various terpenes, and I can’t explain the relief I had. This I couldn’t believe it had never been suggested and had to literally guess. The arc starts right away so you don’t have to sit there and wait 30 minutes, but it won’t last long. “

Natalie continued to increase the intensity of the arc because she needed faster results and needed to fall asleep more easily. However, she began to notice various improvements in her life, including her level of anxiety. As well as her anxiety, she found her emotions more balanced with her temperament. She felt it gave her space to handle emotions rather than reactionary.

Natalie noticed that the CBD she was taking had a very clear effect on her RLS. It was the relief she noticed that she recommended becoming a business owner. As an Australian woman, CBD, who has a family on the other side of the world during COVID, was relieved of anxiety, especially when she lived alone.

“It started to relieve my anxiety. If I feel anxious or afraid and I’m alone, my family is in the opposite time zone. I’m having an uneasy day, If you’re wobbling at the end of a panic attack and want to call your parents, it’s 4am with your parents. I couldn’t do that and had to deal with it myself. “

CBD brand development

Natalie began researching how to develop her own named CBD brand. Empwr Botanics.. She started with oils, but plans to start with bath salts and move into skin care in 2022. She recognizes the impact of skin problems on mental health.

“I’m not a fan of makeup, so don’t wear it if you can stop it. If you use CBD as an oil and the stress that appears on your skin is naturally less. It’s the first place you see it. is.”

When Natalie announces that she is moving to her family CBD There was a disagreement in the industry. She was surprised at how receptive they were, but she chose her words carefully.

“My dad was very receptive to it. He was very much behind what was happening in the world and could see what was happening in the United States by legalization. CBD was available everywhere, so he said he would go for it. He could see what a large industry it would be. “

She added: “My mother is Jamaican, but I didn’t want to know about it at first. She was really excited one day after seeing an article in the newspaper about how CBD helps with anxiety. did.”

Natalie’s brother, a soccer player, was already interested in CBD for training and post-match muscle recovery.

“My brother is a soccer player. When I told him he started taking it more regularly. He swears inflamed by it. He is now 34 years old. That is, as well. Never recovers. Another brother suffers from arthritis and he uses it for pain. Everyone you connect to uses it and has some form of problem It’s cool to see it, and it works. “

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London hotel launches CBD sleep experience

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