London passes the “unacceptable” milestone of 1,000 dangerous buildings


Over 1,000 homes in London have been identified as fire safety risks. London Fire Brigade I made it clear.

Andy Law, a member of the London Fire Brigade, said the capital had passed an “unacceptable” milestone. Due to fire safety flaws, 1,006 buildings in London required a simultaneous evacuation order in which all residents had to leave the building at the same time in the event of a fire.

4 years from Grenfell Tower Tragedy, London’s 718 block apartment still has dangerous problems CladdingThe remaining buildings identified have other defects that pose a fire hazard.

Andy Law said Friday morning that the brigade was “extremely concerned” that the number of buildings with safety concerns was increasing.

Roe said:

“London has far more risky buildings than anywhere else in the country, and it’s clear that there is still no complete cultural change when it comes to residential fire safety.”

He added that building owners and managers should take “urgent action” to ensure that restoration work is carried out.

Since July, when there were 901 buildings that received simultaneous evacuation orders, more than 100 additional buildings with fire safety issues have been identified by the brigade.

In response to Friday’s numbers, Sadiq Khan said: This is a sad example of the terrible reality faced by so many homeowners and tenants across London. They are currently unable to sleep soundly at home without worrying about the safety of the building.

“The safety of Londoners has always been my number one priority, and it has to be a top priority for developers, landlords and free owners. That’s why I’m consistently tentative, such as awakening a watch. We have urged the government to fully cover the costs of security measures and protect leaseholders from these costs. “

London passes the “unacceptable” milestone of 1,000 dangerous buildings

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