London Police: More than 100 fines in British “Party Gate” investigation

The number of fines issued for coronavirus regulation violations by British government agencies, including Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s official residence, has grown to more than 100 in London. Metropolitan Police Department Power said Thursday.

Johnson admitted last month that he was among the dozens who fined police for attending blockade parties and rallies, becoming the first British leader to be sanctioned for violating the law during his tenure. rice field.

Reveal of Johnson and other senior officials illegally gathered in government buildings in 2020 and 2021-Millions of people in the country tell them to limit their lives to slow the spread of COVID-19 When he was angry, he angered voters and urged Johnson to resign.

Johnson apologized for attending the Surprise Birthday Party at Downing Street 10 in June 2020, but claimed that the less than 10-minute rally was a party and “did not happen” to him. ..

Johnson’s wife, Carrie, Chief Financial Officer Rishi Sunak He also said that attending the same event would result in a fine.

Police updates have doubled the number of fixed penalty notifications ever issued for scandals called “party gates.” Last month, the military said it had fined about 50 cases as a result of the investigation.

The Metropolitan Police Department said investigations into 12 rallies, including a “bring your own drink” office party and “Winetime Friday” hosted by Johnson staff, are ongoing.

Police do not identify the recipient of the fine. A Johnson spokesperson said Thursday that the prime minister was not among the individuals cited in the recent penal notice.

Sue Gray, a senior civil servant, is conducting another investigation of government officials. In a partial report on a rally that was not the subject of a criminal investigation by police, Gray said he allowed the Johnson administration’s “leadership and judgment failure” to occur.

More than 176,000 people died in the UK after a positive coronavirus test. This is the highest victim in Europe after Russia.

London Police: More than 100 fines in British “Party Gate” investigation

Source link London Police: More than 100 fines in British “Party Gate” investigation

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