London remains Britain’s top destination for skilled immigrants


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NS capital Although it accounted for almost three-quarters of the UK’s decline in overseas skilled worker sponsorship in 2020, it remained the largest destination for UK-sponsored non-EU skilled workers. employer, A new analysis from the Oxford University Transition Observatory shows.

Which region of the UK is attracting the most skilled workers from abroad in their new report? Shows that over the last decade, London has attracted some of the largest share of skilled workers abroad.

It has played a role in attracting these foreign workers to the capital, including several industries, especially financial and professional or scientific activities.

However, in these two industries, overseas skilled workers’ sponsorship certificates (CoS) were significantly reduced during the pandemic, and London was most exposed to the decline in the number of skilled workers.

The report also found that demand for overseas skilled workers in the health sector in the UK has increased dramatically since 2014, with health accounting for 60% of all work visa sponsorship certificates by 2020. Is shown.

Madeline Sampsion, director of the Oxford University Immigration Observatory, said: In the capital, the number of skilled workers abroad has fallen to the maximum, and the number of migrant workers has fallen to the maximum overall.

“But despite these declines, the data suggest that London continues to be the UK’s most attractive destination for skilled people from abroad. London employers are probably There is also evidence that they are more tolerant of hiring foreign workers than employers in other countries due to their extensive experience with immigrant workers or the less deterrent of the costs of sponsoring them.

With the introduction of a new immigration system in the first half of 2021, few EU citizens used the skilled worker route. Of those, 60% were sponsored by a London employer. This is a much higher number than non-EU citizens.

The report stated that this is largely driven by the work they work in: skilled workers of EU citizens in the first half of 2021 are focused on financial, professional / scientific professions and education. I did.

London remains Britain’s top destination for skilled immigrants

Source link London remains Britain’s top destination for skilled immigrants

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