London Underground driver strikes on Friday

Passengers and businesses face widespread turmoil as London is ready for the first major tube strike in almost five years on Friday and talks between trade unions and London Underground managers couldn’t avoid the strike. There is.

According to the RMT Union, drivers on five subway lines will strike on Fridays from 4:30 am to 24 hours in a fight over work-life balance during night and weekend work.

Industrial activity will cause serious disruption on Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and Victoria routes, and will no longer be serviced on Waterloo and City routes, where Central Line drivers are stationed, said Transport for London. I am. Transportation of the capital.

Given the widespread adoption of telecommuting during the pandemic, Friday’s strike could have less impact on commuters than the previous conflict that crippled the British capital.

However, the strike coincides with a discounted shopping event on Black Friday. This is a big moment for retailers in physical stores who are suffering from a pandemic.

The outlook for the turmoil is “extremely frustrating,” said the New West End Company, which represents 600 companies in the heart of the capital.

Jace Tyrrell, Group Chief Executive Officer, said:

The strike is centered around the reopening of Nighttube, a 24-hour weekend service that was interrupted at the start of the pandemic and was scheduled to return this weekend.

The RMT said the TfL boss had “removed existing agreements and work arrangements” for the night shift and “tried to break through additional night and weekend work.”

Drivers on five routes are also planning a strike on December 18, with night strikes on the Central and Victoria lines every Friday and Saturday night until Christmas Eve.

Michael Kill, CEO of the Night Time Industries Association, said a delay in restarting the Night Tube “would jeopardize the safety of those coming out at night.”

Weekday passenger numbers have returned to about two-thirds of normal subway levels in the last few weeks, but have recovered more strongly on weekends.

According to TfL, Friday has been the second busiest day of the week on the subway for the past three weeks, with more passengers traveling outside rush hours and in the evening.

The fray of labor relations is associated with the finances of the TfL pandemic under new tensions. Transport authorities rely on revenue from fares, along with government funding contracts, for certain projects, such as the Crossrail, which is the West East line below the city.

TfL has been given four short-term financial remedies by the government during the pandemic, and the current agreement ends on December 11.

Sadiq Khan, Labor Party Mayor of London, I warned TfL will have to make “catastrophic” cuts in services without new government cash, and London’s transportation network could face a “controlled decline” future.

London Underground driver strikes on Friday

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