London’s most expensive petrol price revealed when pump prices reach £ 2


Etrol, which costs more than £ 2 per liter, is recorded in London Zip code TwickenhamMake it the most expensive place in the capital to fill it.

Today, the cost of filling a tank in an average family car is over £ 100, so Londoners are eagerly looking for the cheapest deal on a pump.

The The average price of 1 liter of gasoline at a UK outpost reached a record 182.3p on Wednesday. -1.6p increase compared to the previous day.

The tough milestone is “Dark dayAccording to RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams.

Latest data from Gasoline price This week, it was revealed that as much as 202.9p per liter of gasoline was found in the TW zip code area, including Twickenham, Hounslow and Richmond.

According to the group, this is the highest price for unleaded gasoline in London.

Gasoline sells as high as 198.9p per liter in the northwestern zip code, including Camden, Hampstead and St. Kentian Town.

Things are even darker for the driver in need dieselThe highest price has reached 212.9p per liter in parts of the Southeast London.

PetrolPrices does not disclose which gas station sells the cheapest or highest fuel, but provided the evening standard with the highest and lowest prices recorded in each zip code from Monday to Thursday. ..

The lowest price for unleaded petrol in London this week is the zip code prefix HA, 167.7p per liter, which includes parts of Harrow, Barnet and Ealing.

UB zip codes, including Southall, Haze and Northolt, are the second lowest priced at 168.7p per liter, followed by the SE zip code area at 168.p per liter.

According to the PetrolPrices fuel price map Asda South Ruislip Automat When Highfield service station Located on Winchmore’s Lisborough Road, it is one of the cheapest gas stations in London.

Meanwhile, also compares this. Gasoline priceAsda Colindale Automat is reported to sell lead-free at 165.7p per liter.

The website states that the highest price for gasoline in the UK is 209.5p and the lowest is 163.9p.

The highest price of gasoline in London:

Zip code price / liter

BR 197.9p

CR 188.9p

DA 189.9p

E1 197.9p

E2 184.9p

E3 185.9p

E4 186.9p

E5 189.9p

E6 185.9p

E7 193.9p

E8 192.9p

EC 189.9p

EN 188.9p

HA 197.9p

IG 190.9p

KT 194.9p

N1 189.9p

N2 189.9p

N4 185.9p

N6 185.9p

N7 185.9p

N8 183.9p

N9 189.9p

NW 198.9p

RM 197.9p

SE 197.9p

SM 189.0p

SW 187.9p

TN 186.9p

TW 202.9p

UB 195.9p

W1 189.9

W2 186.9

W3 189.9

W4 185.9

W5 185.9

W6 185.9

W7 186.9

W9 185.9

London’s most expensive petrol price revealed when pump prices reach £ 2

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