Loughborough University Joins Smart Construction Network

Loughborough’s Faculty of Architecture, Architecture and Civil Engineering has become the latest member of the Smart Construction Network (SCN).

SCN Consisting of academic institutions, R & D organizations, industry centers and industry associations, we aim to be a conduit for sharing expertise, innovative ideas and best practices.

Its mission is to promote the spread of smart construction throughout the sector, including housing, thereby supporting the transformation journey into a more modern, productive and sustainable construction sector. The SCN demonstrates the innovative construction industry with the expertise and support needed to embark on a transformational journey.

Shelagh Grant, Chair of the SCN, welcomed the announcement. She states: “Loughborough University is recognized as a leading institution that provides unique services to the construction industry, with a reputation for sustainability, high performance buildings and innovations in digital construction. It is a building, construction and integration. It is one of the UK’s largest integrated centers for building environment education, spanning city planning, civil engineering and building engineering. “

Chris Gudie, a professor of construction engineering and materials who led the submission, added: We look forward to working closely with SCN and its partners through a variety of smart construction activities, including off-site manufacturing, state-of-the-art construction methods, digital and high performance buildings. “

Loughborough University Joins Smart Construction Network

Source link Loughborough University Joins Smart Construction Network

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