Love Island fans want to see Jake exposed as he has been accused of encouraging the boy to get lost.

With a very dramatic recombination when the boys returned from Casa Amor last night, Love island Fans are calling on boys to show their “good boys” Jake Cornish, 24, due to the interference he was involved in when they were on their “Youth Holiday” in Casa Amor.

Jake was seen urging the boys to trick their partners, saying, “They were single because they didn’t have an official girlfriend.”

The water engineer remained loyal to his girlfriend Liberty, who returned to the villa. Liberty pool, 21, and the pair reunited after deciding to stay as a couple with each other.

But fans feel that Jake should be called in for all the encouragement he gave the other boys to cheat.

Love Island fans want Jake Cornish to be called for “interference”

Fellow islanders Liam Riadon, 21, almost dropped Jake when trying to explain Milly coat, 24, why did he kiss Lily Haynes at Casa Amor when he returned?

During the pair’s tears chat, Liam admitted that he was encouraged to explore his options.

Millie told him that, but asked him, who was lucky for Jake, Liam kept quiet and didn’t name him.

Fans of the show used Twitter to urge Jake to be exposed to the boys for interfering with Casa Amor.

One viewer asked, “When Millie asked,’Who was telling you to do that,’ was anyone waiting for Liam to reveal Jake’s sneaky attitude?” Tweeted.

Love Island fans called out "interference" Despite the fact that he is affiliated with Millie Court after inviting Liam Riadonto to get to know the new Casa Amor bomb Lily Haynes in an episode on Tuesday by Jake Cornison.
Fans say boys need to expose Jake to encourage cheating

“Liberty needs to know that it would have done the same #loveisland without the bf / gf status.”

Another fan said: Imagine a drama, freedom would have checked him. With a laughing face emoji.

Another person said: “

Another added:

Jake Cornish and Liberty officially become boyfriends and girlfriends
Jake Cornish remained free and loyal, but encouraged other boys to explore their options.

The pair acknowledge each other's emotions
Jake and Liberty reunited at last night’s recombination

Fans blamed Jake for gameplay After the Thursday episode, he laughed at Liam kissing Lily Haynes, despite the islanders partnering with Millie.

During the Thursday show, Liam became cozy with Lily outside and said, “You’re here for a reason, I’m here for a reason …”. Liam replied, “That’s a fair point.” When he grabbed her for a gentle smooth..

Just at that moment, awkward Jake began to laugh, interrupting their smoothness and jokingly passing by, “I don’t know where to go, where should I go?”

Jake later said in a beach hut: “Liam has to do what he has to do, but f ** k, s ** t, I don’t want to be in his position. Congratulate him. do it!”

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Love Island fans want to see Jake exposed as he has been accused of encouraging the boy to get lost.

Source link Love Island fans want to see Jake exposed as he has been accused of encouraging the boy to get lost.

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