Love Island viewers urged Lily Haynes to “think hard” before turning hatred

A message posted on the Instagram account of Love Island contestant Lily Haynes asks viewers to “think hard” before turning her hatred on social media.

In an episode of the ITV2 dating show on Friday night, a 22-year-old trainee accountant revealed that he loved his rival Millie Court and that Liamriadon was dishonest to her while in Casa Amor.

The pair shared a bed and kissed, but Liam still decided to partner with Millie to return to the main villa solo.

With an unexpected twist, Lily appeared in the main villa, revealing to the gathered islanders that she and Liam enjoyed a short relationship during the holidays, shocking Millie.

A message posted on Lily’s Instagram account after the scene aired praised her as “entering the villa and dropping a true bomb.”

“Our girl went into this experience hoping to find a connection with a guy who felt the same, but unfortunately she couldn’t find him.

“Like all other islanders, Lily had the full right to get to know everyone.

“Both Jake and Teddy clearly showed that they wanted to go back to the girl and sleep in the daybed, so they fully respected them.

“Other young people wanted to get to know the new girl, share a bed, and kiss.

“Only one person did bad things against Millie, definitely not Lily.

“The truth will always come out … and probably faster than you think.”

The message continued. “Please leave your comments down as usual. This includes Millie’s fans. We also like Millie, but think twice before typing and think about who to dislike. please.

“Better yet, don’t hate #bekind. Remember, these are just a group of gorgeous young people enjoying a once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience on entertainment TV shows.

“They all want the same thing, love, happiness, 50K, Instagram followers, and PLT deals that are very naive to think in other ways.”

It comes after the threat of murder targeting fellow Love Island contestant Chloe Burrows early in the series has been blamed by both her family and ITV.

They came after Chloe chose to rejoin Aaron Francis, leaving Shannon Singh single and letting her out of the show.

Prior to the return of the series, ITV published a duty of care protocol for contestants. Contestants will be offered at least eight treatment sessions upon return and will be trained on the impact of social media and “how to deal with potential negatives”. Similar to financial management training.

Among the processes detailed for all Love Island contributors are “Comprehensive Psychological Support,” “Detailed Conversations on the Impact of Participation in the Show,” and “Active Aftercare Package.” there is.

Love Island viewers urged Lily Haynes to “think hard” before turning hatred

Source link Love Island viewers urged Lily Haynes to “think hard” before turning hatred

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