Low-income families face a cost-of-living crisis during Covid without government support.News and events

Faced with uncertainty about how to cope with rising living costs, families have not received government back-up to help them survive the pandemic.

From research Social Policy Research Center (CRSP) Funded at Loughborough University Joseph Rowntree FoundationHas followed groups of low-income households for the past six years, negotiating austerity, Covid, and the changing world that has now escalated inflation.

Unstable work, low fluctuating income from work and profits, and managing health and family needs meant that stability could be difficult to find even before Covid.

Not only the limits of low income itself, but also the uncertainties of everyday life and the inability of these families to plan and advance their lives when they are living a highly unpredictable life. I find it difficult to deal with.

It was hard to survive the pandemic, but the family provided additional support, including the Farraf scheme, a temporary £ 20 / week addition to Universal Credit, statutory meals paid from day one, and free school lunch vouchers. We appreciate the major government initiatives it brings. holiday.

They helped the financial instability faced by the family when they lost their jobs and income during this period and handled the extra costs when the children were at home.

However, these measures were withdrawn in the same way that the crisis of living expenses was exacerbated. In comparison, support measures such as selective reductions in the Council Tax Bill and gradual support from household support funds only partially compensate for the rapidly rising costs.

The family was really worried because they faced concerns about the rising pressure on the bill and the impact of further increases. They couldn’t do much about it, so they felt overlooked by the government they saw as not touching on the challenges they faced.

The report suggests that the actions needed to help families cope with rising costs and future uncertainties include:

  • Increase the adequacy of social security benefits, at least in line with inflation, so that they do not add to the long-term reduction in the value of benefits.
  • Easier access to additional support – Pandemic and automatically applied measures were more responsive than ad hoc support, which people had to know and apply for.
  • Improve employment safety with adequate wages, family-friendly rights, and statutory sick pay from day one.

Catherine HillLeading the investigation, said:

“Low-income families are already walking tightropes and have nothing to rely on. They miss expensive vacations or eat out that they couldn’t afford to eat out and pandemic. I wouldn’t have been able to save.

“The pandemic has shown us that measures can be taken to help governments protect their income and provide additional support beyond their control to those in crisis.

“Not only has the rise in Universal Credit been eliminated, but profits have been further reduced in value because it has not been adjusted to reflect real-time inflation. At the same time, family budgets have been hit by rising prices. Therefore, people are being oppressed. From all directions.

“Rising cost of living can be even greater than the pandemic of many low-income households, and the government must recognize and respond to the same urgency.”

Click here for a complete report and summary of the findings..

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Low-income families face a cost-of-living crisis during Covid without government support.News and events

Source link Low-income families face a cost-of-living crisis during Covid without government support.News and events

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