Luxury Items to Represent Person’s Beliefs

Religion is a way of life, a dedicated lifestyle that you follow and all your mundane and daily acts adhere to a code of beliefs to which you dedicate your life. All because you submit to the Supreme Being who loves you and sustains you. Due to this love and dedication, you surround yourself with the enactment of this love. Sometimes it’s a company of good-hearted and caring people, sometimes it’s the company of those you are helping, and sometimes you surround yourself with a few things that remind you of your faith and represent your belief and how strong it is. Even a symbol of that love from and of the Supreme Being can guide you during the best of days and especially during the worst of days. We have compiled some of these items in our article today.


Religious jewelry serves two purposes, one that it shows your beliefs which you keep with you to remind you always that you are protected, second, as an item of jewelry that you are using as an accessory to your attire. The most common can be a chain with different types of diamond cross pendants hanging from reminding you of the sacrifice Jesus gave, which can also be in the form of a chaplet with the cross dangling from it. Bracelets can also be used as religious jewelry having a verse on it. 

This religious jewelry can be a gift to you or something you want to gift a loved one or a friend who is strong in faith and practice it diligently. We are sure they will appreciate the gift. Faith symbols with jewelry can be considered a bit luxurious, but they serve multiple purposes, giving them value.

Figurines and Religious Scene:

As a gift as well as mantle pieces, figurines are a great item to profess your faith. The Nativity of Jesus or the Cross is one of the most common items in the Christian household. Furthermore, these can be baby Jesus, one of his disciples, the last dinner, well, anything. Depending on the size, these statues and figurines can be priced normally to quite expensive. Though the stories that come with them more than makeup for the value. These stories have been passed down to the new generations and still live in their embodiment. 

Similar items are found in other religions, too, like the statue of Buddha, Moorti of Hanuman or the Centerpiece of Ka’ba; every religion has these small statues to look onto for peace whether it is allowed or not or if it serves a purpose or not. The bigger statues are quite expensive, but in the case of Hindu culture, these statues can also be used as standalone temples for your worship.

Premium Leather Scriptures:

A luxury reading item for the devout, which you can keep with you always and great for reading while at work, commuting or traveling. The premium leather is very soft in these books and, being lightweight, protects the pages as well. It is a great gift too for the religious. You can find scripture of all religions in this form factor. 

Some scriptures are bound in more books than one, so it can be a complete set of these premium leather ones. Some religions have deeper and longer descriptions of their scriptures which are explanations of the verses, and these can be kept as a set, on the shelves in your library or on your table to read at your comfort.

Rosary Beads or Chaplets

Rosary beads, along with other kinds of beads, have been used to call the name of the Lord in most religions especially held by their clergies, who are men of God. Though these are found more in certain religions like Islam and Hinduism than others in this age, nonetheless, those like Christians who want to use it when saying prayers to feel close to their Lord have many options of beads to buy from. The beads can be made from wood and plastic to glorious gemstones where the crosses can be of pure gold filled with diamonds, immensely increasing their cost. There was a time when the beads were made from elephant’s teeth and were very popular but have now been banned due to their cruelty.

Rosary beads are a strong indication of one’s faith which some wind around their wrists to keep them nearby during their day. Some use them when they are meditating to help them focus.

Gift Boxes:

These have an assortment of small religious things that you can gift to a friend or a family member who is religious while you don’t know much about their religion, and an assortment can give them more items together, giving them joy. If you can’t be a part of their religion and don’t want to offend them with your ignorance, gift boxes are a great way to interact with their faith and know more about it. We are sure they will appreciate it and will be more than happy to discuss their religion with you. This simple gesture from your side would mean a lot to them. And that is a sign of good faith among you as human beings caring for your close ones even if you have differences of belief and viewpoints on how the world works.


While in some religions and beliefs, spending an immense amount of money on anything, let alone on religious relics, is deemed a wasteful practice and is like giving in to the darker side of your soul and weighing heavy on your soul. In other religions, spending money on religious items is considered a service to god, worthy of money for glorifying their deity. It is your own moral choice either to remain passive and rid yourself of worldly desires, even luxurious items such as this, or you can spend as much money on religion as you like to profess your utmost devotion to these items that you use to keep close to your faith even when gifting.

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