Lydia Thorpe tries to storm the stage as Posie Parker aka Kelly Jay Keane speaks in Canberra

Rogue Senator Lydia Thorpe has been accused of trying to disrupt a speech by British transgender commentator Kerry Jay Keane Minschl at a “Women’s Voices” rally outside the Houses of Parliament. He was forcibly knocked to the ground by the police.

A special video shows the moment former Senator Greens was driven to the ground while Ms Keen Minschl, also known as Posey Parker, addressed a crowd gathered in Canberra on Thursday.

Senator Thorpe, wearing an Aboriginal flag, made a beeline for Keane Marshall before being stopped by police and knocked to the ground.

She crawled along the lawn and made her way towards a group of over 100 pro-trans opponents.

A senator from the independent “black sovereignty” movement later claimed she was “shattered” by police and called Keen Minschl, who she called “filth,” allowed to speak on Aboriginal land. He said it should not be done.

Keen-Minshull has toured Australia with rallies in Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart, sparking ferocious protests by pro-LGBTQI activists.

Lydia Thorpe (pictured) attempted to storm the podium during British trance critic Posie Parker’s speech at the “Let Women Speak” rally outside the Houses of Parliament on Thursday.

Former Green Party independent ‘black sovereignty’ senator was detained by police and forced to the ground

Photo: Kelly Jay Keane watching Lydia Thorpe move

Hundreds of anti-Posey protesters flocked to Keenminschl’s ‘pro-women’ rally as it rained in Canberra and were divided by 20 police officers on the lawn of the Houses of Parliament.

Attendees held up placards reading, “Tomboys are not boys,” “Protest children’s innocence,” and “Libraries are for books, not perversions.” It turned against pro-trans demonstrators.

On the other side, slogans included “Bist in the Bottle,” “f*** off Posie, f**k off,” and “Nazis on your side.”

After Thorpe tried to sabotage Keenminschl’s speech (reminiscent of her lying in front of her Mardi Gras float last month), the former Green Party senator made the decision to let the controversial speaker into the country. severely criticized the

“We will not tolerate the presence of this kind of filth in the Ngunnawal and Nganburi countries, let alone the Nazi support these people have,” she said.

“They are racist, they are homophobic and they are destroying people’s lives. This country should be ashamed to let such people into this country.

Senator Thorpe, wearing an Aboriginal flag, made a beeline for Keen Marshall before being stopped by police and knocked to the ground.

Senator from independent ‘black sovereignty’ movement later claimed she was ‘shattered’ by police

LGBTQIA+ members and supporters in Canberra protest British campaigner Kelly Jay Keane

A group of rebels overwhelmed those who expressed their support

“I went to tell her they weren’t welcome here, but the police beat me up for simply telling the person they weren’t allowed here. rice field.

“I was assaulted by the police today as a woman of Sovereign Gunnai, Gundithmara, Jaburulun.

“And while the police have to answer about the assaults, this government also has to answer why these people are allowed into the country.”

Australian Federal Police later issued a statement confirming that “interactions with protesters will be reviewed”.

The unnamed case – presumed to be an altercation with Senator Thorpe – has been referred to AFP’s Professional Standards Command, a spokeswoman said.

“There are no further comments as the issue is currently under investigation.”

Senator Thorpe didn’t show up for Senate questioning Thursday after the protests, and Senator Hanson didn’t show up either.

Keene supporters held placards that read ‘lesbians don’t have penises’

It rained in Canberra while Kelly Jay Keene Minschl (pictured) spoke outside the Houses of Parliament for a rally

Some of those who gathered told the Daily Mail Australia that it was the first time they had protested.

Simon, 23, said, “I couldn’t stand it when I found out she was in my city,” adding, “I think it’s a little bit symbolic.”

In the background, people gathered around him chanting “f***k off” and had to be stopped by police as he tried to move forward.

On the other side of the lawn, pro-women protesters heckled and danced to tease the crowd as Ms Keenminschul spoke about the “gender crisis” taking place in Australia.

“This is the next lobotomy scandal, but this time we’re doing it to the kids,” she insisted.

Keane-Minschl joins One Nation Senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts at the demonstration

More than 100 anti-transgender protesters gathered at the rally, writing “bigot in the trash,” “f*** off Posie f**k off,” and “you got the Nazis on your side.” I had a torn placard.

Her voice was drowned out by the sound of instruments and hooting, but the people who had gathered to support her, who vowed never to stop fighting for women’s rights, applauded and cheered anyway.

“We sometimes say things we’re afraid to say in real life without caring what people around us say,” she said.

“I said women don’t have penises, so we need a bloody police escort from the airport. It’s bloody rebellious.”

One Nation Senator Pauline Hanson is pictured giving a speech at a Women’s Voice rally.

Protesters rallied against pro-trans demonstrators with signs that read, “Protest Children’s Innocence” and “Libraries are for Books, Not Perversions.”

Lydia Thorpe protests police at Sydney’s Mardi Gras

Lydia Thorpe said she was “proud” of her Mardi Gras protest after lying down in the middle of the parade and clashing with police.

Former Senator Greens drew boos from the crowd when he disrupted a parade along Oxford Street. sydney.

The Daily Mail Australia reported that Senator Thorpe suddenly crashed into the police section of the parade, folded his arms above his head and shouted “f**k the police”.

After cornering the marching officers, she repeatedly shouted her slogan in their faces as others confronted her.

She then jumped in front of an Australian Federal Police float and lay down on the ground, stopping the float.

Senator Thorpe said the next morning that he was “proud” of his actions.

“Black and brown trans women have started their first pride march in protest against police violence,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Today we still face police violence. We are proud to join the #PrideInProtest float in Sydney to declare #NoPrideInGenocide, #NoPrideInPrisons and #NoCopsInPride.

Senator Thorpe later said she was lying on her back in front of the float as it was about to move down Oxford Street when, amid “boos” from the crowd, two police officers asked her to move on. A photo was taken lying down

Videos of her protest went viral on social media on Sunday morning, and her antics drew a lot of criticism.

“She has no respect for LGBTQIA people at all. Shame on the woman!” wrote one.

Another source said, “Is there a place where Lydia Thorpe can act like a normal human being?

“Is it really that hard to be polite??”

“In a desperate attempt to gain attention and relevance, activist Lydia Thorpe lay in front of the #MardiGras2023 parade float, blocking it from moving forward, brawling with police and yelling ‘F*** the police’. It is said that

“A complete disgrace to the elected office!”

No charges were filed and no arrests were made.

Ms Thorpe, who is campaigning for zero police presence at Mardi Gras, marches with a float, wears indigenous colors and carries an Aboriginal flag handbag, “not proud of genocide” A photo was taken.

Senator Thorpe wears Aboriginal colors and holds up sign ‘no pride in genocide’ for iconic parade Lydia Thorpe tries to storm the stage as Posie Parker aka Kelly Jay Keane speaks in Canberra

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