m-LAH (Motivation for Learning and Health) launches a scheme to help blockade students – South London News

When doing homework, children may think they can pull wool in their parents’ eyes, but they find that they can’t do it with their peers.

Innovative new schemes launched at the beginning of the blockade to help children screen time, sleep and health care during a pandemic are showing signs of success.

This initiative, aimed at junior high school students aged 13-18, is student-led.

The m-LAH (Motivation for Learning and Health) scheme was launched at the Sacred Heart School in Camberwell, one of the three schools in South London that offers this scheme.

At Sacred Heart, six students act as facilitators, each taking on a group of five to eight children at a time.

Their sessions are video calls and children have the opportunity to express their concerns about their goals and the best way to reach them and chat with them.

Chidera Okori, a student at Sacred Heart School, said: She said she could only sleep for three hours a night.

“She didn’t know why. I told her I shouldn’t eat late, so I think it was a mixture of not sleeping or eating regularly.

“I told her to know the time and walk during the day. The next week, when I asked her if she had improved her sleep schedule, I was very proud of her. She said she managed to sleep for six hours.

“The fact that she managed to double her sleep was great and made me feel better.” Another of my students said she wanted to improve her relationship with her mother.

Goals and activities must be measurable, so I asked her what she was going to do. “She said she would help her mother cook and talk to her at least twice a week.

“She said that by doing so, she came to know her as a person, not as a mother.”

Emeria Batur, Deputy Principal of Convent of the Sacred Heart School in Camberwell, said:

“Especially in online schools, there is a lot of workload through online schools, and students need time management and self-help.[1]Organization.

“I think the need for m-LAH has always existed, has always existed, and I think it has been emphasized by the fact that we are blocked, but the pandemic shows the importance of mental well-being, and m-LAH. Is a place that provides safety. “

Serge Sefai, Principal of Sacred Heart and Principal of the Apostle St. Thomas, said:


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m-LAH (Motivation for Learning and Health) launches a scheme to help blockade students – South London News

Source link m-LAH (Motivation for Learning and Health) launches a scheme to help blockade students – South London News

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