M & S has announced the “The Marksologist” cocktail series. Everything looks delicious.

Just in time for the weekend and the next celebration-we can always rely on Marks & Spencer to make alcohol (and fun) that we can’t wait to get.

For weekends and festive occasions, M & S has its own ready-made collection to ease your next cocktail hour.

Are you going to a party soon? Or maybe you like to catch up with a few friends over a cocktail and don’t want to go out.Well, you can always count on Marks & Spencer To give you merchandise-and their latest range of alcoholic cocktails sounds delicious.

As part of the new Scope of “Marksologist”, Bouji High Street Supermarket is a collection of 6 premium ready-to-drink cocktails created to the highest mixologist standards and designed to recreate the in-bar drinking experience of a 5-star cocktail bar. Released.

Now you don’t even have to dress up for the perfect cocktail serving!

Take advantage of this trend of “cocktail hours” at home Marxologist rangeAt a price of £ 18 a bottle, it’s designed to make it easy for consumers to become their mixologist and enjoy the perfect serve.

The range includes favorites from cocktail bar menus such as Golden Negroni. An Italian bittersweet Italian classic with a twist, an espresso martini (with a real frothy head), the most amazing margarita of a spicy hit. Verdita Margarita.

Clover Club, Vanilla Espresso Martini, Passion Star Martini, Cacao & Age Drum Old Fashioned are also available.

We love the espresso martini because we’ve tried some of these-and it’s flying off the shelves after arriving at the store.

Using premium ingredients, each cocktail is designed so that everyone can serve a delicious drink each time. No cocktail knowledge or experience required!

The flavor of each bottle is already perfectly balanced and all key components are cleverly managed, including the tricky sweet and sour ratio.

Lead product developer Jenny Rhea commented. “I’m excited about our new range. Through extensive research and blending expertise, we’ve created six special premixed cocktails and made sure that the genuine details of each cocktail are preserved. I’m really proud of the espresso martini. It’s able to recreate the unique bubbling heads you won’t find in any other premixed espresso martini on the market, and it’s really to recreate the 5-star experience. Useful.

“At M & S, it was a destination for pre-mixed cocktails and spirits, from canned mojitos and G & Ts to the famous snow globe gin liqueur. It’s an exciting time to bring that” cocktail bar moment “to home. It’s an opportunity. For our customers. “

Now they are available in both £ 108 for 6 online Not only from the Marks & Spencer website, but also from inside the store.

To find the nearest location MS, Popped the store locator here simply. It also contains the latest opening and closing time information.

You can also buy some of Marks & Spencer’s favorites. Ocado website Even now-how good is it?

Before the pandemic, only 37% of cocktail drinkers in pubs and bars drank at home, but that number exceeded 50% in the first UK blockade and online beyond the blockade in M ​​& S. Searches have increased significantly and peaked at Christmas 2020. Cocktails and cocktail recipes increase by + 50%.

Would you like to hurry to the nearest Marks & Spencer to get a bottle (or two!) Or these? Or is there something that stands out from the range you want to try the most? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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M & S has announced the "The Marksologist" cocktail series. Everything looks delicious.

Source link M & S has announced the "The Marksologist" cocktail series. Everything looks delicious.

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