Made in Chelsea’s OLAP Locke is crying as she plans to become a dad in nine months.

Olly Rock He and her husband, Gareth, have revealed that they will be fathers.

Made In Chelsea stars used Instagram feeds to share clips of the moment the egg was fertilized, marking the beginning of a surrogacy journey. The United States after moving there earlier this year.

33 years old erupted in caption: “I’m not crying, you are crying! “

He then promised to take the believer on a journey to become parents, continuing as follows: You look what he or she looks like, and how much love we have to give!

Olly Rock and her husband Gareth have announced they are ready to become parents

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“I can’t wait to meet you at @garethplockeXx and be your dad. Thank you @ advancedfertilitycentercancun for being a very nice Xx.”

Many of his 465,000 followers immediately commented and congratulated, as one wrote:Wow! With two festive emojis.

“This is awesome !!!” Another said, while the third chime: “I’m very happy for both of you .. Yes, I’m crying xxx,” with a red heart emoji ..

HCl and Gareth Locke will be surrogacy fathers
Fans said congratulations, so the announcement left on the moon

The fourth excited fan added: “I wish you all the happiness of the world. You have a beautiful lucky baby who will be a wonderful parent and enrich your life x”, followed by a black heart emoji.

Last month, Ollie and his other half announced that they were heading to the United States to become parents through IVF.

In the Instagram story, reality star said:

Made in Chelsea stars said they will be on a journey of in vitro fertilization and surrogacy
Made in Chelsea star said he would begin his in vitro fertilization and surrogacy journey in the United States

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“Last year was very tough for everyone, and everyone’s joint efforts have had a huge impact on us all overcoming the limitations and difficulties of Covid-19.

“We would like to honorably post and announce that we have traveled the world and received a medical exemption to begin our in vitro fertilization and surrogacy journey.

Gareth and Ollie were flooded with kind comments following their news
Gareth and Olly said the situation made it possible to travel in a pandemic

Made in Chelsea Stars: Past and Present

“I know you loved watching our journey so far. I can’t wait to take you on an adventure with us on the other side of the world. Good luck. For example, you may have very good news in the coming months!

“I hope your followers will understand and support us on this journey. Thank you for the situation that allowed us to travel outside of normal situations. As always. All our love, Ollie & Gareth “.

Made in Chelsea's OLAP Locke is crying as she plans to become a dad in nine months.

Source link Made in Chelsea's OLAP Locke is crying as she plans to become a dad in nine months.

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