Major IT mistakes made by SMEs and how to fix them

Many small businesses find themselves making mistakes regarding device provisioning and security, and HR issues, including onboarding and offboarding staff.

This is due to Lauren Hamilton, Head of Technology Operations and Co-Founder of an IT Outsourcing Company. See..

Hamilton explained that SMEs often don’t start considering device security until they get quizzes from existing and potential investors.

“In the last 18 months, we’ve seen many common issues with device security, and in fact information security as a whole,” she began.

“These issues tend to be due to investor due diligence questions that companies need to explain about the physical security of their data and other assets. The device used by staff is in a local account and Perhaps they got them from the high street store, but now they need to control them and set policies around them.

“The device management problem can grow rapidly depending on the size of your business because you don’t know what data is stored. Are you using an approved application or something completely unique? Is it available to everyone for free? “

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She recommended that the organization buy the device from a reputable reseller.

“Organizations shouldn’t go to boulevard retailers for devices, or they’ll end up with a consumer operating system rather than Windows 10 Business or Pro. Two resales, Insight and Eximedia. I am using a vendor.

“To protect your device, we recommend Microsoft Intune. Because of its cross-platform compatibility, startups and scale-ups like to give employees a choice of platforms. Manage different devices on different platforms. It’s important to have a device management platform that can manage all your devices.

“You need something that covers everything, not multiple things that log in as an IT administrator.”

Other common issues Hamilton emphasized were related to personnel systems and processes, especially participation and withdrawal.

“There are many problems with the onboarding and offboarding process. It’s important to start a business because employees need to have good experience from the beginning. It can be difficult to figure out how to do it. Or, how to get your laptop on time and provision your account properly. This includes guiding users where to start using the system and tools. “

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“And the same is true for offboarding when someone decides to leave the company. It needs to be strict. If you’re not offboarding in a timely manner, you can take risks by ensuring that your information is safe. There is sex. “”

She added that she often sees small organizations managing all staff through spreadsheets stored on one laptop.

“Often, HR systems are just spreadsheets on the CFO’s computer. We want to implement what we call an” opinionable technology stack. ” We are the best tool, in this case Google Workspace, Microsoft 365 for productivity, all wrapped in a big secure bubble with Okta identity management.

“We strongly believe that all information about our employees needs to be obtained from HR. Therefore, small and dynamic companies often do not have it from the beginning, so strong HR from the beginning. Implement the system. Integrate it with identity. A management platform that can distribute access management to core business technology tools.

“Next, we get important information about an employee from the beginning and put it in the HR system. This is the only correct source for that employee. All manual tasks are removed. Nobody does it. No need to create an email account or username and password. “

Hamilton explained the importance of wrapping all of this in a comprehensive identity management system.

“Okta is a single sign-on platform. Enterprises can easily have 15 to 20 different applications, each with a single username and password. This can be written down by someone in a book or in a browser. 20 passwords to store. Okta not only allows IT administrators to control access to applications, but also implements single sign-on to remove that requirement from users, which allows IT management. Challenges are eliminated and the end-user experience is significantly improved. You need to set up 20 different accounts. “

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So what could go wrong in an organization that hasn’t taken steps to properly manage its devices and data?

“If you don’t do this, you may lose information. If your employees are free to use the malware, they can accidentally or maliciously introduce it to your device.

“Also, if all your corporate data is stored locally, it can be lost more easily. It may not be backed up. Also, if your device is lost or stolen, you will not be able to protect it remotely. You need to make sure your employees are using the right devices, and those devices need to be updated and encrypted on a regular basis. Without it, there is a business risk. I will.

“All of these controls can be lightweight, but they put the business in a better position and give you the peace of mind that your data and assets are safe,” says Hamilton.

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Major IT mistakes made by SMEs and how to fix them

Source link Major IT mistakes made by SMEs and how to fix them

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