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Man finds “slugs” in his munchy box from takeaway

The man claims to have found slugs in the food he ordered for local takeaway.

Gareth Thomas, St HelensHe ordered a munchy box from a hot staff member on Duke Street and said he was “shocked” when he saw the creatures on the salad.

After eating a fair amount of food already, Gareth said the slugs “appeared” out of nowhere under the salad.

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32 years old said echo: “I was eating it while watching TV, and this little friend appeared.

“I was shocked. When I found it, it went straight to the trash. I had a little doner kebab meat, chips and I was eating a salad, but it popped up.”

Gareth said he wanted him not to get sick now, saying, “I’m the caretaker of the team leader and I’m shifting 48 hours tomorrow, so I don’t want to be sick now.” Added.

He doesn’t squeak easily, but says that if someone had a meal, it might have “made them sick.”

He threw the food straight into the jar and instead made cheese with toast.

Finding the slugs did not lose his appetite, but it postponed him to order from there again.

Gareth said: “It had to go straight into the jar and make cheese with toast instead.

He states: “If it was someone else, they might just get sick, but thankfully I’m not that squeaky.

“I was more concerned when I called them and told them they didn’t offer any more food or refunds.

“I will never order again. I will never go to that place. It will postpone me.

“I love my food so I can’t stop eating, but I won’t order again there.”

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ECHO approached Hot Stuff but declined to comment.

Gareth shared a photo of his food slug on the St Helens Facebook group, and users were horrified.

One user said, “Oh, I would have been dead.”

Another added, “How terrible I would complain if I didn’t realize that you might be very ill.”

The third said, “Recently, I’ve seen three takeaways with slugs. I think I’ll stick to home cooking for a while.”

And someone else said: “All other jokes aren’t good. Hopefully they’ll compensate, but not food.”

Man finds "slugs" in his munchy box from takeaway

Source link Man finds "slugs" in his munchy box from takeaway

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