Manchester 1-0 Chelsea: Five Issues When Kevin De Bruyne returns to play in the blues

Kevin De Bruyne scored the game’s only goal as Manchester City defeated title rival Chelsea and scored an astonishing 13 points at the top of the Premier League.

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Manchester City v Chelsea: Photo Match

Kevin De Bruyne I’m back to haunt Chelsea that’s why Manchester city Tightened the grip Premier League title.

The Belgian Wizard attacked in the 70th minute, breaking Bruce’s elastic defenses in a game where chances were valuable.

His goal helped the citizens clear 13 points Thomas TuchelThe man at the top of the table Pep Guardiola And we plan to lift yet another trophy in May.

Chelsea had a chance. Romelu Lukaku -But the host’s advantage was rewarded and Citi won the top flight 12 times in a row.

No team has failed to win the title with such a big lead in the remaining 16 games. Here are five issues from Etihad Stadium.

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Manchester 13 points away from Chelsea

1. Is it the best in the UK?

For at least the last 12 months, Citi and Chelsea have claimed to be the two best teams in the country, and arguably Europe.

What I met in a fierce battle Champions League Finally in May, both teams were complemented by a group of top English talent.

However, because Chelsea chose to start with a completely foreign XI, when the team news was reported, only one side raised the flag, but the front three of the city were all in English.

Tohel is without Reece James, Ben Chilwell, German tactician stood on the bench Mason mount Three other British deployed by Guardiola Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden When Jack Grealish Under attack.

In addition, the two three Lions defenders and half of the citizens were outfielders and players who grew up in their own country.

2. Ziyech infuriates Tuhel

Not surprisingly, this was a one-sided start to the game as City dominated the ball and investigated the Blues backline.

However, it was Chelsea who was able to take the lead in the 14th minute. Hakim Ziyech The path to Lukaku wasn’t surprisingly annoying.

At the counter, Ziyech realized he was in space and had the opportunity to slot Lukaku one-on-one with Ederson, who had wasted his opening just minutes ago.

However, the Moroccans somehow beat his pass, and Tuhel jumped out of his seat in the dugout to tear his midfielder.

It’s no wonder that the Bruce boss wasted such a guilty chance because Etihad was a fortress and was furious that he couldn’t register a shot 45 minutes into the match for the first time since he was in charge. At Stamford Bridge.

Tuhel erupted in rage at Ziyech


Getty Images)

3. Grealish fluffs his line

And even frustration, citizens missed their own great opportunity in the second half of the first half.

After successfully putting pressure on the Chelsea defender who was trying to play from behind Mateo Kovacic Gave the ball straight Jack Grealish, Through De Bruyne’s deflection.

There is plenty of space at the edge of the penalty area and you are in a hurry Kepa Arrizabalaga As long as Grealish remained calm, he had little chance of stopping the city from 1-0 in the 39th minute.

But £ 100m missed his chance, stalled and allowed Kepa to shut him down to stay goalless at breaks.

Grealish missed his great opportunity

4. De Bruyne infested in Chelsea

Chelsea threatened to add a twist to the title race, but there was a familiar atmosphere when Citi broke the deadlock for former Blue de Bruyne.

After avoiding the Belgians, they created a trademark curled strike from the edge of the penalty area. Engolocante Efforts.

The move started from Aymeric Laporte The smart header is in the middle, and Guardiola’s men are the most fluid against one of the department’s most stubborn defenses.

De Bruyne shocked to break the deadlock


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5. Lukaku shortage

From one Chelsea’s refusal to another, he eventually returned for £ 97.5m, but Lukaku was hungry for 90 minutes of service.

A fellow Belgian who struggled to act as Holdup-Man rarely aimed for a goal, his only proper opening was early in the second half, and Ederson denied him with a smart save. I was in a hurry for.

Lukaku, who couldn’t find the net in yet another big game, is looking at the problem that Tuhel needs to find the answer immediately if the title goes to a place other than Etihad.

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Manchester 1-0 Chelsea: Five Issues When Kevin De Bruyne returns to play in the blues

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