Manchester United Transfer Period Evaluation and Schedule: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Business Evaluation

Manchester United have added Jadon Sancho, Raphaël Varane and Cristiano Ronaldo to the impressive summer of the transfer business. Dan James left Old Trafford, leaving the other fringe players intact.

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Cristiano Ronaldo “I’m happy to be back at Manchester United”

Manchester United has enjoyed the best transfer window of the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer era, at least in paper.

Norwegians slowly built in Old Trafford and finished second last year.

To continue its forward trajectory, the United Board has spent more than £ 100m on three new faces. All of them have a large pedigree.

The Solskger had an important area of ​​pitch he wanted to deal with, and-except for the central midfielder-he did.

Hopes now are Jadon Sancho, Raphael Varane, and Cristiano Ronaldo He was a good man to bring in.

United transfer transactions are almost always successful under Norwegians.

Evaluate the business done on the red side of Manchester.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is trying to end the club’s trophy drought

Raphael Varane-9 / 10

The middle half is the signer with the fewest question marks around. In fact, he has few question marks.

The only question is the classic “yes, but can he do it in England?”

Almost certainly the answer was yes, and United was able to take advantage of his contract status by signing him with a cheap contract.

Varane has won the Champions League four times and has been successful in the World Cup. Such achievements do not decorate everyone’s resume.

Harry Maguire’s partner is a top priority, and the French seem to be all that United skippers are not. This can produce the ideal combination.

Raphael Varaen and Jadon Sancho were both acquired to address the problem area


Manchester United, via Getty Images)

Jadon Sancho-8 / 10

A year behind plan, Old Trafford people don’t mind, especially considering that they knocked out about £ 30m from the original asking price.

United’s bargaining skills would have been in dire straits if they could never complete the deal.

Therefore, from the perspective of self-confidence, it was important to put this together.

Winger is also on Solskger’s wishlist, and Sancho fits almost perfectly given his desire to add young, homemade talent.

His achievements in Germany suggest that he will be a star, and proving himself on the Champions League stage is another plus.

United’s investment in Sancho shows that he plays weekly, weekly, which can create a challenge of choice.

However, they are the type of problem that the winning coach needs to solve.

Portuguese star returns to Old Trafford for the first time in 12 years


Manchester United)

Cristiano Ronaldo-7 / 10

Yes, do we judge this romantically or logically?

Romantically it’s amazing. What more do you want for a man who honed his skills in Manchester before conquering the world?

If nothing else, it will bring the first topic to lift the entire club, and it can only be beneficial.

Ronaldo will provide a guarantee of goals, but that’s all he guarantees.He guaranteed the goal, 36 of them Juventus Last year it went from 1st to 4th.

United was never shy at the start last year.

Can’t you overlook what Ronaldo needs to play around him for Ronaldo to thrive and how it negatively impacts some of his teammates?

This is a boom or bust signature. On the one hand, his goal could lead to silverware-the work is done.

Alternatively, while he is scoring goals, he impedes Mason Greenwood’s development and forces style changes that have little, if any, long-term benefit.

Look at this space.

Dan James has moved the deadline to Leeds

Dan James-9 / 10

A rare movement that makes everyone happy.

Players get a move that guarantees more game time, his new club gets the players they were chasing in 2019, and United is put up for sale for profit.

James started United’s opening round against Leeds, but with Sancho injuring Rashford, he felt that his share would diminish as the season progressed.

Welshman started his time in the red, but couldn’t keep up the momentum.

It seemed like the right time to move on, and United did the right thing to let him go and didn’t try to prove that they could do all the recruiting activities.

What’s left-6/10

Talk about recruiting. Donny van de Beek. A real challenge.

Many will be interested in this summer and feel that it was best for clubs and players to accept that this was probably the right person and the wrong time.

Van de Beak is talented, but he never starts ahead of Bruno Fernandes, and the influx of aggressive talent makes it difficult to get an opportunity.

It’s a story similar to Jesse Lingard, even though Solskger decided to catch him.

Like injuries, the game gets faster and faster, so if United runs out of Lingard, Van de Beak, Diogo Dalot, etc., they can suddenly enjoy more involvement.

United may have too many faces and not enough space, but the team needs to remain perfectly healthy.

Manchester United Transfer Period Evaluation and Schedule: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Business Evaluation

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